Thursday, February 10, 2011

2/10/11 PT Day 1

Whooo Whee....
*deep heavy brea..*
Okay, cancel that.

NO deep heavy breath. I'll settle for just breathing like a human. And sitting up right, shoulders hunched forward, typing slowly. How 'bout that?! THAT I can do.

Physical Therapy began today. Imagine my fairly fit self, who could, previous to the accident, do all my barn chores, feed inside, and out, run errands in town, and ride 2 horses a day...

Sweating and breathing hard, just pulling, reaching, and stretching a weenie yellow rubber band up and around my body. Pathetic! :) I've decided to do PT without pain medicine, so I know what hurts and what doesn't, then take it afterwards. By the end of the hour today, I was hurting, and a few rounds of lightheaded spells from the arm-exercise-bike.

Keep praying, and keep on riding. You folks that have the winter blues, go groom and snuggle 'em for me. In the cold we've got here (while nothing compared to the great North of the country), I can't even get out for more than quick feed chores. Chest gets cold, tightens up, and I almost can't catch my breath.

Slowly but surely... Slowly but surely. I'm too #$*&^ stubborn to not get better. There's horses to ride!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Recovery

More! Really?! Seriously?! What else could happen and slow this down??

Well, after two unfortunate events, one I partially created, one I had NO part in creating, I landed back at the cardiologist's office today. A few quick BP tests done, and I'm staying on my heart medicine, and homebound, for the remainder of the month. Absolutely irritating!

I am to stay on the heart medicine until Feb 25. March 1, I get a few tests run. March 10, I get the results. If I "pass", I will be allowed to drive again, return to work, and start back with the horses. No riding, and no longing, until I get my balance back. I won't get my balance back until I get off the heart medicine for good.

Physical Therapy starts tomorrow. I'm anxious to get started. I want my strength back. I want to take out the trash myself... I want to lift a box of cat litter out of the truck on my own. I'd like to be able to push the vaccuum cleaner on my own, too. The little things....

So, here I sit, doing work email from home, and praying for a few miracles. It's about time, and I think I'm due one or two. Join me in the prayer if you're of the mind ...
But please pretty please, PLEASE, don't pray for patience. Because I've been praying for patience, and that seems to result in more testing, to teach me patience. I'm done learning patience, horsefolks.

And! If you're a regular reader, and you're in the climate to do so, and have the time, ride for me. Longe and think of me when you do it. And blog about it. Comment here, and send me a link. I'm going to ride through all of you, so ride hard, and give it your best. Even if you hack about bareback for five minutes, do it! I'd sure appreciate seeing somebody having some fun around here...