Sunday, June 30, 2013

6-30-13 Harley

More dressage, more side rein warmup.  The humidity was quite oppressive, combined with some warmer temperatures than yesterday.  100% my fault for sleeping late and therefore starting late. 

About 40 minutes.  LOTS of walk/halt/walk, and trot/walk/trot transitions.  The halt/trot/halt made him bouncy yesterday, and the new transitions definitely got him lighter on my leg and lighter on the bit.  Canter sets were nice - more bend.  To start, I stayed OFF the circle, sent him down lines, and he stayed in it fairly well.  Circles to the end of the ride to work on his bend, and get his face in while still pushing from behind.  After canters, his trot was a little bigger, and definitely rounder. 

The good fortune of some light rain overnight left a smooth arena surface - which meant I got to see hoofprints as we rode by.  Some nice tracking up trot, definite tracked up plus in canter (which is cool to see).  I would've like a bit closer prints in trot, but considering he was not fighting the bit nearly like he has been, I'm satisfied with what I had.

After Harley's 50 minutes in the arena, the sun began peeking out through the leftover clouds.  With the grass wet, and the trees still dripping from the storms overnight, the air became incredibly humid very very quickly.  I apologized to Mo, and watered the flowers instead. :)

6-29-13 Harley N Mo

Harley got a little side rein longe before the ride Saturday.  Not so much to "get boogers off", but to get his muscles loose and working.  When I sat down to ride, he was less fussy than he's been. 

Rode quite a while.  A total of about 45 minutes riding, 10-15 longing.  He was pretty awesome.  A little lazy heading canter-left, but nothing some spur and seat driving didn't fix up.  His bend on circles was NOT good to start, but he started to relax, and stop fighting so much.

Nice halt/trot/halt transitions, along with a few walk/canter/trot sets.   I don't see any reason to ask him for walk/canter/walk, not at this level.  But walk/canter gives him some impulsion that seriously improves the canter/trot. 

Romeo glared at me when I caught him.  I settled for a little light work on the bareback pad, walk/trot only.  No neck rope, only his snaffle bit, and loose rein.  One set of trot I asked for a short rein and some push, and he cooperated, mostly.  About 20 minutes, maybe 25.  By the time I got to Mo, it was starting to be hot & yucky outside.  No reason to push it...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just thought you needed to know

I have MoJo Mondays pre-scheduled up through August 12, 2013. 

Your comments and messages and laughter inspire me to keep sticking MoJo in weird places.

He's got a few more beams and trucks to play with.

In August, MoJo celebrates my birthday. :)  We get into all kinds of fun there.

And, you can't have the MoJo, without a little tequila, right? 

If you're of the mind, dare MoJo to get into something.  Got someplace you can't imagine a little stuffed Monkey might go?  Post it!  Let's see if YOU the readers can fill up September and October with MoJo adventures.

6/25/13 Nice try, Sneaky

Caught Harley and dressed him.  Checked the weather one more time before walking to the arena.  Heat Index was about 96F.  UGH.  But not as bad as it could've been.  A decent breeze lingered over the property. 

I didn't bother longing him.  Screw it, I'm just riding.  Make the most out of this awful weather rather than stand on a circle a while.  I sent him straightaway at the walk and began bending in shapes, circles, figure8s, and some tight serpentines.  He loosened up nicely.    Off to trotting some figure8s and a few lines, and a little circles of canter.

Heading left canter, he tried to duck away.  Was there a spook there?  Heck no.  Was there a good reason?  Nah, just ignoring.  He'd just tried to break gait, and I sent him on forward with a kick and a smooch.  He definitely just didn't want to canter.  He broke to trot as he went off sideways.  I stuck it, and he paused, probably confused.  I sent him right back at long trot, pushed hard, and quickly asked for that canter again.  One heavy sigh, and he cantered off.

After the warmup, I shortened my reins, and asked for a big trot collected.  WOW.  Yeah, go supplement Go!  Harley was moving, covering some ground.  Lines, circles, all were pretty good.  His shoulders weren't steerable to start, but he relaxed more as time went on.  After a little collected canter on circles, and a walk break, I did some canter starting on a circle, then riding a longer line to another circle.  Good results.  Great in fact.  He stayed in gait (though more energy required at left than right), and his transitions got better each time.  In and out of big trot to a nice strided canter, and back to the nice trot.  No muss no fuss.  No head tossing, no fighting.  He's picked up what he thinks is a way out of canter-left nicely - twisting his face away from the contact.   He's been sticking his nose OUT at the canter-left some.  He gave me a bit of this at trot left, so I made him ride an entire trot circle counter-flexed.  OOOOH what a hissy fit.  His tail let me know he was ticked.  It even felt like he hopped up in front in protest.  Once he got the counter bend, and was attentive, I asked him to bend inside the circle.  Oh well, much better Harley, as he started a nice bend left on the circle.  A big improvement.

Wednesday?  It didn't cool to heat indeces under 100 until 745pm.  Too close to sunset since I don't have lights.  Tonight?  Not much better.  Different weather reports have a heat index lingering between 97 & 100.  That's a little too close to my personal limit to ask the boys to work.

We are slowly approaching "too hot to ride after work" time of the year.  This will slow my rides to maybe one work night walk, and the weekends (short or long) riding early in the am, then nothing but light work on week nights, if at all.  What's your limit?  When do you "call it"?  I know some folks add temperature & humidity, and call that sum of 140 or 150 too much.  Me?  In the mornings, even if it is stuffy humid, I go by feel.  Am I miserable?  Is the sun baking us early?  I try to get out just at daylight to dress the horse, then ride the harder ride first.  Usually that means Harley goes first.  Then Mo comes out, but he doesn't work as hard, or as long. 

So share .. What's "too hot to ride" where you are?  :) 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monkey Mondays 6/24/2013

 MoJo went with me on my extra job one weekend.  This is Mr Jr Brown's truck.  He graciously allowed us to tie MoJo to the beam - see those?  They're bridge beams.  Long buggers, too.

MoJo asked me, "Please don't leave me here in traffic.  The bugs look horrible!"

Sunday, June 23, 2013

6/23/13 Harley

Skipped the longe, as he was quiet catching & saddling.  Warmed up on light contact w.t.c., figuring that was less work than the side reins he's done before.  Nice & quiet.  Warmed up riding squares instead of circles, followed by a tiny bit of leg yield.  In no time, less than 5 minutes, he was focused on the job.

Got down to business, and found him a little lazy in the first set of 3-circle canters heading left.  He broke, twice.  DRAT.  Maybe the supplement isn't doing the trick after all.  I got some decent canter-left, though his neck was low, his face was twisted to the outside.  I flexed him left & right at the halt, listening for his neck to pop.  No-go.  Hmm.. time for a change in plans.

Canter-right, nice 3-circles.  Worked on some more trot left and right, flexing in and out of the circles.  Sent him straight down a quarterline, and he was paying complete attention to me.  Nice and forward and light. 

Testing him out again, I sent him canter-left and instead of 3-circles, I went straight ahead.  Once he quit fussing and straightened his head out, his canter was incredible.  Powerhouse straight ahead, and while not 100% collected, he wasn't twisted in his face, and he wasn't breaking gait.  More repeated canter-right, same results.

A tiny set of leg yields at trot, followed up by a touch more canter.  I glanced at my watch, making sure I wasn't pushing too hard in the heat.  40 minutes.  All riding, all awesome.  Cooled him down with some stretch trot circles, and some good free walk.

The energy supplement is helping.  Once warmed up (and this seems to take longer than I figured at his age), Harley's got forward and bend, with more in the tank. 

If schedules work, I think it's about time for our next lesson soon. :)  I'm anxious to keep testing his new warm-up work, and see just what it's going to take to get that boost of energy after a trailer ride. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

6/20 pm & 6/21 am

I really wanted to ride last night.  After waiting until 7pm to even go outside, I realized it was just too humid.  Harley and I settled for a hand walk down the road, and hose-down.  Romeo got some loving and hose-down.  Both horses said "thank you" by rolling in the sand.  *ugh*

This morning, I caught Harley first.  A brief loose longe to test his mood - terrific.  I hopped on (oops.. hunt saddle).  He walked out nice & awake.  A few circles & serpentines to get him bending, which began a fight but settled. 

The ride?  Fantastic!  He was forward in trot, and developed nicely in the canter.  Heading right, he was amazing.  He broke a couple times going left, but finally warmed his legs up enough to stay steady in it.  Over the tall crossrail, he was amazing.  I was able to lift to 2point quite a ways before the fence, and he was definitely doing more than just stepping up & over.  It wasn't a "plant n jump", but it wasn't nearly knocking it over lazy, either.  I trotted some 2point down the long sides, and he stayed in it without a lot of extra pressure.  I was ready to walk him out, and when I shortened my reins and squeezed without thinking about it, Harley popped up to trot.  Wow.  We'd been at it for a full half hour plus of hard work.  Awesome.  So I rode some more trot, then asked for canter.  Cantered a stride sitting, then up to 2point.  Heading left first.  Fabulous --- he finally stayed IN the canter with me up off his back, rode 3/4 of the arena long sides & all.  Turned right, and got more of the same. 

SmartEnergy is the ticket for this horse.  We had whitetail deer & fawns running across the field behind the arena, and he noticed them, yet didn't over-react.  It was really nice to have a full ride, and not feel like we fought the whole time.

I am anxious to see how the rest of our weekend goes.

Romeo enjoyed about 40minutes of w.t.c. endurance saddle in his snaffle bit.  He was ready to go as well, but easily controllable.  He barely broke a sweat, so I guess we didn't work hard enough.

Another roasting HOT day outside, so my activities will keep me indoors in the A/C until again tomorrow evening.  working tomorrow driving ... gotta pay the vet bills. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I didn't get outside to catch Harley until about 715pm.  It was finally cooling off outside, the heat index was under 100F, and I had planned to longe him to see his mood, and walk. 

He was as quiet as normal on the line, minus one teensy little fit when I popped the longe whip.  Well Harley, if you'd stay in the canter, we wouldn't have that problem.  I hopped on at the mounting block after only 5 minutes.

The results so far on the SmartEnergy supplement are impressive.  I didn't wear my spurs - I was only going to walk, right?  As soon as I gathered up the reins at the walk, he pushed out forward, and I couldn't help myself.  Trot, Trot, Trot.  I didn't have any racey forward, but without spurs, I didn't ask for tons.  When I started to ask for canter, I saw two doe and two fawns meandering just outside the back of the arena.  This oughta be interesting.  A horse on "go", and unpredictable fawns.  Lovely.  I talked to them, I made some noises.  The little ones bounced a bit, but the mommas were stoic. I asked him to canter, and the deer got the hint.  He cantered in the circle, in the shade, and stayed super quiet.  Nice in & out transitions, and good in the left direction as well.  A bit less energetic heading left, as normal. 

After 25 minutes total working, I was getting ready to walk him out & be done, when we both heard one of the fawns squeal.  The sound startled me, "What the h#ll was that?!"  Harley stopped, and turned towards the sound.  We saw one of the doe down the electric right of way a bit, and the fawns scampering after her hurriedly.  Interesting.  I patted & praised him.  This is exactly the response I need to fear - stop & look.  Don't assume it's the worst & run side ways, dumping me.  Don't run away terrified.  Just look to see what it is first.  We stood there until he settled, and went back to our cooling down walk.

I hope this energy level sustains.  I'll even take more.  As long as he stays mentally quiet about spooks, I'm good with more "go".

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Complaining

I put Harley on the supplements for Energy.  And I haven't been able to ride since Sunday.. *POUT*

It's been super fricken hot.  Heat Indeces in the 100s by afternoons when I get home from work.  TOO TOO hot to ask him to work.  GRR.

Then, on my birthday Sunday, I got stung by a red wasp.  I'm developing a serious allergy, it seems.  I had a huge welt on my thigh that was itching like crazy.  Off to the dr I went on Monday.  Steroid shot and antibiotics.  I started that last night, and it's doing like all antibiotics do to me - mess with my stomach & make me generally miserable.

Schnauzer Allie went for a dental cleaning Tuesday.  I dropped her off Monday night, picked up yesterday.  She had to have A BUNCH of teeth pulled, and is now a miserable little girl.  Pain medicine and antibiotics for her, too.  She moved a bit better this morning, but was still obviously feeling like crap.

Did I mention it's been HOT?!  Screws up everything when it's too hot to ride.  I hope to get a walk on Harley tonight - if my stomach doesn't completely knock me down.  This antibiotic doesn't say diddly about making me sun-sensitive, but I'm going to search the web to be sure. 

Meanwhile, since I have a long weekend off coming, I might be riding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Then again, I might be working my 2nd job too.  Got a BIG vet bill to pay. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monkey Mondays 6/17/2013

 MoJo adores my coffee habit.

Double shot latte with sugar-free vanilla.  Only, one problem.  MoJo can't lift the cup to tip it over, so he has to pray the coffee will lurk up the cup and he can magically get a drink.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The lack of updates

Sunday, when I rode Harley, he had nothin'.  And I really mean nothin'.  I never thought I'd hope for a forward horse, but he was dragging it hard.  I was happy for some nice transitions on light contact in the hunt saddle, but he wasn't hurrying anywhere.  It wasn't super hot - he was up first, before Mo.  The heat is just really kicking him down.  I've made some SmartPak changes as a result.  Harley's off the MedVet 4in1, and on SmartFlex Maintenance, and SmartEnergy.  All the reports are the Energy gives them a boost without peeling crazy off the stalls.  Takes about a week to work, and it should arrive tomorrow. 

Besides that, I don't think we need to ride.  If we do, the walk will be fine, thanks.  Check out this weather "Special Statement" for today: 


I don't need to ride hard, what do you think?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

6/9/2013 Romeo

Check this out!  I got the neck rope from MrsMom.  Pardon the cluttered mounting. I was holding the phone, and the rope, and, well, just being disorganized mounting.

At the end, you'll see that his bridle is on the ground on the rail at the arena.  I rode him just about 5 minutes with the bit on, and honestly, the reins were in the way.  So I figured if I can talk courage into others, why not get started on Mo's new goal for the year?  Dump the bridle, and go on a short trail ride bareback pad & neck rope.

Here's day 1 of our bridleless goal.

Monkey Mondays 6/9/2013

MoJo's favorite place to sit.  In my purse, peeking out over the top.
keep your zipper open, please. :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

6/8 Mo

So many other things I could call this post.

Back up Mo
Mo goes to school
Respect me Mo
Mo comes to see Jesus

You get the idea.. I had him saddled at the trailer, and I asked him to flex his nose around still in the halter.  He was fine to the left, but was having no part of my request heading right.  To avoid it, he started spinning around, and backing up.  Every time, he made sure he had his left eye on me, and not his right side.

We backed up, we backed up some more.  I had to whack his chest with an old dressage whip to get him to actually back up some of the time.  He backed into the side of my truck.  He spun around.  He shot forward, hoping to get me away from his right side.   He almost ran me over twice, darting to the side at the last minute.  Those were rewarded with even more whacks and even more backing up.

Finally, in his tantrum, he backed himself right into the hot fence.  OUCH.  Mo shot forward, almost running me down again.  I closed the trailer door, locked 'er up, and took him to the arena.

We worked in hand the entire time.  All I aimed for, was him to let me lead him, and control his feet, backing him up, all from the right eye.  Finally, I got a little straight backing up with me standing on the right.  I let the whip rest on the ground, and nearly dropped the lead line.  I backed away, and stared at the ground.  THAT was what I wanted,  took me over a half hour to get it.

Somewhere in all the arguing up by the trailer, CRNG fired a gun.  Shooting a snake, I can only assume.  That, plus backing into my truck, and the hot fence, Mo did NOT have a good morning.

I on the other hand, laughed a lot at him.  He knows full well how to lead and turn and back from both the left and right eye.  For that reason, every time I asked him to back from the right eye, and he threw a hissy fit, I increased my energy 100-fold.  There's no excuse for the fit he threw, other than he's been slowly allowed to push me around, and thought he wouldn't have to work if he were a snot. 

Nice play Mo, but I still win. :)

6/8 Harley

Saddled up, longed in the combo bit and slightly looser side reins.  Harley thought he knew better than me and kept trying to break gait.  In one attempt, he stopped to walk in to me.  Oops.  One swing of the whip string near his front end, and off he went.  A nice moment, he took off, and I let him go.  I praised the big canter. 

In the ride, he was pretty terrific.  I barely had to ask for an increase in energy to get the bigger trot.  His canter was a tough transition, but in it, he was nice.  It felt uphill and he was definitely cooperating staying in the canter. 

A really nice 40 minutes of work.  I am really starting to think the previous lazy was just too many days in a row of hard intense work.  Tomorrow we'll ramp it down with some light contact hunter work - poles and some X's.  I might take the camcorder out there and snap some video of his warm up work for me to see if he's really going to bigger or just evading me more by whizzing away. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Harley Update

6/5/13 we went to the vet.  The results are a mixed mess.  Well, sort of.  Blood work?  100% normal.  Flexion of front legs?  Totally clean.  Dr Sam put the hoof testers on his front toes, and said he got a little reaction.  He trotted Harley on gravel - his stride shortened.  He trotted him on grass - short, but better.  Dr Sam nerve blocked Harley's front hooves, and trotted him again on the gravel.  The blocked trot looked more like the grass trot.  So we were sent home with instructions to get his feet trimmed, and bute him for 5 days. 

I thought about it.  I talked to some friends, and I thought about it some more.  Then, I used some logic.. If Harley were lame on the front, wouldn't I have seen it immediately in the rides rather than progressing over time?  Instead, the more days in a row he worked, the lazier he got.  Not more lame, more lazy.  Last time Harley's hooves and heels were sore, I had multiple flying lessons.

So I gave him off until this morning.  I didn't bute, I didn't rush his trim - he's scheduled for next Friday.  I will admit he's done a lot of self-trimming, and he probably can come off the multi supplement he's been on, and transitioned to something focused on joints only.  Maybe joint & coat.  I haven't spent a lot of time looking at the SmartPak options yet.  Anyways..

I free line longed him this morning a little while.  About 7 minutes.  Walk, trot, canter.  He started out lazy, but after some canter in which he voluntarily stretched long & low, his trot loosened up nicely.  I hopped on. 

We had good free stretching walk.
We had a good slow trot on light contact.
I asked for a bigger trot, still light contact, and I got it.
I asked for a canter, and he stuck with it. 
After some more "coming & going" at the trot, I asked for more canter on a loose rein.
He didn't race off, or slack off.  He stayed in the canter until I cued him to ease back to trot.

I can only conclude he was lazy at the show from too many days in a row working hard without more than a day off at a time.  We over did it.

Back to business as usual.  At least as far as the summers go.  I'll stick my hard rides (no more than 2 a week) to early mornings.  In the few hot evenings we'll work, I'll keep it to light trotting and lots of walking.  We're entering hazy hot humid summer, so it's time to lighten up a touch.

Part way through the ride, I pointed him at my crossrail.  I giggled when he stepped over.  I changed directions, and asked again, with a little more energy before the X.  That time, he felt like he lifted both front feet up & over.  He still likes his "jumping". :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How was the Show?

I have pretty ribbons, but it's hard to not be honest with my readers.  Classes of one, division of two for one, it's hard NOT to have pretty ribbons.

First off, it stormed on the trip up there.  STORMED.  Like, 40mph and couldn't see in front of the truck stormed.  Rained hard.  Off & on for about 40 minutes rolling to the show site.  I was pretty happy to arrive at the show, and find Harley's stall open from when we visisted there last year.  I unloaded him to the stall, hung his hay bag, and unwrapped his legs. 

Well, back up the bus a second.  As I got ready to leave home, I had Harley already up in his paddock.  I approached him with the halter, and he walked off.  I was able to catch him, but he sure didn't come to me willingly.  In fact, he walked away twice.  I was already slightly concerned it was going to be a long day. When I went to dress him for the tests, he did it again.  He wandered to the back of his stall, and wanted no part of the bridle.  Uh Oh. 

The grounds for the show were wet, muddy, puddly, soggy.  All but the covered show arena.  Okay, so with the grounds quality, I didn't have a good spot to longe him.  I hopped on, and started warming him up at the walk.  Stiff, and hard to bend around.  I got a little give at the walk, and asked for trot.  His trot loosened up some, and while I felt a little forward motion, it wasn't what I hoped for, and he sure wasn't collected or even slightly round.  Uh oh.  I asked for canter.  Epic fail.  Harley cantered one stride, then started sliding away from me, bending awkwardly.  I let him trot out more, then asked again the other direction.  (I think right was first, left second.)  I got a little more canter, but as soon as I left him alone on my legs, he broke again.  Uh... Oh ...

We rode the Prix Caprilli test.  He stayed in trot over the cavaletti poles, which delighted me.  No loss in energy over the jumps, and while his circles weren't collected, the test calls for "accepting the bit", not "collected".  I was super happy.  The judge, unfortunately, did NOT agree.  60% even.  She remarked in writing "he didn't "Jump", only stepped over them."  Dang.  They were maybe 1' off the ground.  What did she expect?! An over jump?!   Disappointing.

While the jumps were taken down, I asked him to canter again.  I got a little more.  Happy and assuming the PC test had woke him up, I stayed the course and rode TL#1. 

Disaster.  He stayed in canter-left, but his stretch trot circle was non-existent.  He rode a nice free walk, but again, judge didn't agree.  She remarked he wasn't stretched over the topline.  Dunno why, his head was well below his withers, and he maintained a solid walk.  *sigh*  Disappointing again.  Heading canter-right, he picked up the wrong lead, and broke gait heading down the long side.  NOT the ride I hoped for.  We scored 58.-something%.  More comments that he wasn't forward enough, not bent enough, not collected, not accepting contact. 

I unsaddled him, hosed him off.  R and I went for lunch while he dried off.  As I went to catch him in the stall to load up for home, he walked off on me again.  So not Harley.  This is not the Harley I've had.  I know he's been tired.  However, he's too young to be so lazy, even at somewhere interesting away from home.  I counted on that show arena and the change in scenery to be an increase in energy for him.  Instead, I got even less.  It felt more like a jog than a trot, and no matter what I did for that canter, he wasn't holding onto it.

We've spoke with tech Jamie, and vet Dr. Sam.  We're headed in tomorrow afternoon for an exam.  Something is just not quite right with my H man.  It may be nothing but the warmer weather and the slight increase in workload, but he's just a bit too young to wear down so fast, in my opinion.  He's only 6, not 16.  I haven't increase his workload 10-fold, either.  We're barely up to 45 minutes total, and he's still not working as hard as most show horses I know.  I'm hoping for something minor, but definitive.  Until then, it's time off.  Dr Sam suggested 2g of bute last night, which I did.  I didn't notice a big change this am, but he only had a short way to walk to get to his breakfast, being all the way up front in the pasture. 

We'll stick with resting until Wednesday afternoon.  I'll update when I know more. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Monkey Mondays 6/2/2013

MoJo goes grocery shopping.  Thanks HEB, for the colorful fruit displays for great contrast. 

 Mm.. Pink Lady apples.  My fave! 

 Monkey, banana.  I need say no more. :)
Monkey, making the other customers smile, and the cashier grin, when they realized there was a stuffed MoJo on the belt. :)  Cat food, dog food, 2% milk, PowerCrunch protein bars, apples, carrots.  Big shopping day.. NOT!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Out with May, in with June

Yesterday, I shortened the side reins, as I've noticed in the new bit, Harley's avoiding collected longe work. Ooooh, not anymore.   He fought pretty good for the first few minutes, then settled in walk & trot.  His canter started out nasty as well, but also settled down.

The ride was good. With the new canter-seat, he stayed in his circles nicely, and down the long sides just as well.  I didn't ride as much canter, though.  I could feel the tired in both of us. 

His trot work was definitely better than it's been.  Easy to get him up and moving out rather than a huge struggle.

I wish I could say the same for today.

Saddled up jump saddle, one crossrail set up.  I couldn't get "go" if I bribed him.  He was lazy, slow, lethargic, and really didn't want to go anywhere.  He was plodding at the walk.  He barely stepped over the "X", and his canter sure wasn't going more than a circle or two before breaking gait.

I blamed it on lots of days of work, and I was obviously starting to feel so many days of riding.  I've ridden one or two a day for the last 13 of 15 (or so, at least).  No wonder I'm wore down.  Harley's had two days off or so.  Again, no wonder he's tired.

He got a bath, a nice massage with it, clipped up, and all his goodies packed.  I'm hoping tomorrow is a tiny bit cooler than today (or at least breezy), and I hope the change in scenery gets him motivated.

Hang on one more day, Harley.  Then a couple off, I promise. We both need a little break.