Sunday, June 30, 2013

6-30-13 Harley

More dressage, more side rein warmup.  The humidity was quite oppressive, combined with some warmer temperatures than yesterday.  100% my fault for sleeping late and therefore starting late. 

About 40 minutes.  LOTS of walk/halt/walk, and trot/walk/trot transitions.  The halt/trot/halt made him bouncy yesterday, and the new transitions definitely got him lighter on my leg and lighter on the bit.  Canter sets were nice - more bend.  To start, I stayed OFF the circle, sent him down lines, and he stayed in it fairly well.  Circles to the end of the ride to work on his bend, and get his face in while still pushing from behind.  After canters, his trot was a little bigger, and definitely rounder. 

The good fortune of some light rain overnight left a smooth arena surface - which meant I got to see hoofprints as we rode by.  Some nice tracking up trot, definite tracked up plus in canter (which is cool to see).  I would've like a bit closer prints in trot, but considering he was not fighting the bit nearly like he has been, I'm satisfied with what I had.

After Harley's 50 minutes in the arena, the sun began peeking out through the leftover clouds.  With the grass wet, and the trees still dripping from the storms overnight, the air became incredibly humid very very quickly.  I apologized to Mo, and watered the flowers instead. :)

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SunnySD said...

Hard for me to find the energy or enthusiasm to make the ponies work when it's that hot. Don't know how you do it so consistently!