Sunday, June 30, 2013

6-29-13 Harley N Mo

Harley got a little side rein longe before the ride Saturday.  Not so much to "get boogers off", but to get his muscles loose and working.  When I sat down to ride, he was less fussy than he's been. 

Rode quite a while.  A total of about 45 minutes riding, 10-15 longing.  He was pretty awesome.  A little lazy heading canter-left, but nothing some spur and seat driving didn't fix up.  His bend on circles was NOT good to start, but he started to relax, and stop fighting so much.

Nice halt/trot/halt transitions, along with a few walk/canter/trot sets.   I don't see any reason to ask him for walk/canter/walk, not at this level.  But walk/canter gives him some impulsion that seriously improves the canter/trot. 

Romeo glared at me when I caught him.  I settled for a little light work on the bareback pad, walk/trot only.  No neck rope, only his snaffle bit, and loose rein.  One set of trot I asked for a short rein and some push, and he cooperated, mostly.  About 20 minutes, maybe 25.  By the time I got to Mo, it was starting to be hot & yucky outside.  No reason to push it...

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