Friday, June 21, 2013

6/20 pm & 6/21 am

I really wanted to ride last night.  After waiting until 7pm to even go outside, I realized it was just too humid.  Harley and I settled for a hand walk down the road, and hose-down.  Romeo got some loving and hose-down.  Both horses said "thank you" by rolling in the sand.  *ugh*

This morning, I caught Harley first.  A brief loose longe to test his mood - terrific.  I hopped on (oops.. hunt saddle).  He walked out nice & awake.  A few circles & serpentines to get him bending, which began a fight but settled. 

The ride?  Fantastic!  He was forward in trot, and developed nicely in the canter.  Heading right, he was amazing.  He broke a couple times going left, but finally warmed his legs up enough to stay steady in it.  Over the tall crossrail, he was amazing.  I was able to lift to 2point quite a ways before the fence, and he was definitely doing more than just stepping up & over.  It wasn't a "plant n jump", but it wasn't nearly knocking it over lazy, either.  I trotted some 2point down the long sides, and he stayed in it without a lot of extra pressure.  I was ready to walk him out, and when I shortened my reins and squeezed without thinking about it, Harley popped up to trot.  Wow.  We'd been at it for a full half hour plus of hard work.  Awesome.  So I rode some more trot, then asked for canter.  Cantered a stride sitting, then up to 2point.  Heading left first.  Fabulous --- he finally stayed IN the canter with me up off his back, rode 3/4 of the arena long sides & all.  Turned right, and got more of the same. 

SmartEnergy is the ticket for this horse.  We had whitetail deer & fawns running across the field behind the arena, and he noticed them, yet didn't over-react.  It was really nice to have a full ride, and not feel like we fought the whole time.

I am anxious to see how the rest of our weekend goes.

Romeo enjoyed about 40minutes of w.t.c. endurance saddle in his snaffle bit.  He was ready to go as well, but easily controllable.  He barely broke a sweat, so I guess we didn't work hard enough.

Another roasting HOT day outside, so my activities will keep me indoors in the A/C until again tomorrow evening.  working tomorrow driving ... gotta pay the vet bills. 

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