Thursday, June 20, 2013


I didn't get outside to catch Harley until about 715pm.  It was finally cooling off outside, the heat index was under 100F, and I had planned to longe him to see his mood, and walk. 

He was as quiet as normal on the line, minus one teensy little fit when I popped the longe whip.  Well Harley, if you'd stay in the canter, we wouldn't have that problem.  I hopped on at the mounting block after only 5 minutes.

The results so far on the SmartEnergy supplement are impressive.  I didn't wear my spurs - I was only going to walk, right?  As soon as I gathered up the reins at the walk, he pushed out forward, and I couldn't help myself.  Trot, Trot, Trot.  I didn't have any racey forward, but without spurs, I didn't ask for tons.  When I started to ask for canter, I saw two doe and two fawns meandering just outside the back of the arena.  This oughta be interesting.  A horse on "go", and unpredictable fawns.  Lovely.  I talked to them, I made some noises.  The little ones bounced a bit, but the mommas were stoic. I asked him to canter, and the deer got the hint.  He cantered in the circle, in the shade, and stayed super quiet.  Nice in & out transitions, and good in the left direction as well.  A bit less energetic heading left, as normal. 

After 25 minutes total working, I was getting ready to walk him out & be done, when we both heard one of the fawns squeal.  The sound startled me, "What the h#ll was that?!"  Harley stopped, and turned towards the sound.  We saw one of the doe down the electric right of way a bit, and the fawns scampering after her hurriedly.  Interesting.  I patted & praised him.  This is exactly the response I need to fear - stop & look.  Don't assume it's the worst & run side ways, dumping me.  Don't run away terrified.  Just look to see what it is first.  We stood there until he settled, and went back to our cooling down walk.

I hope this energy level sustains.  I'll even take more.  As long as he stays mentally quiet about spooks, I'm good with more "go".

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