Saturday, June 8, 2013

6/8 Harley

Saddled up, longed in the combo bit and slightly looser side reins.  Harley thought he knew better than me and kept trying to break gait.  In one attempt, he stopped to walk in to me.  Oops.  One swing of the whip string near his front end, and off he went.  A nice moment, he took off, and I let him go.  I praised the big canter. 

In the ride, he was pretty terrific.  I barely had to ask for an increase in energy to get the bigger trot.  His canter was a tough transition, but in it, he was nice.  It felt uphill and he was definitely cooperating staying in the canter. 

A really nice 40 minutes of work.  I am really starting to think the previous lazy was just too many days in a row of hard intense work.  Tomorrow we'll ramp it down with some light contact hunter work - poles and some X's.  I might take the camcorder out there and snap some video of his warm up work for me to see if he's really going to bigger or just evading me more by whizzing away. 

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