Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Complaining

I put Harley on the supplements for Energy.  And I haven't been able to ride since Sunday.. *POUT*

It's been super fricken hot.  Heat Indeces in the 100s by afternoons when I get home from work.  TOO TOO hot to ask him to work.  GRR.

Then, on my birthday Sunday, I got stung by a red wasp.  I'm developing a serious allergy, it seems.  I had a huge welt on my thigh that was itching like crazy.  Off to the dr I went on Monday.  Steroid shot and antibiotics.  I started that last night, and it's doing like all antibiotics do to me - mess with my stomach & make me generally miserable.

Schnauzer Allie went for a dental cleaning Tuesday.  I dropped her off Monday night, picked up yesterday.  She had to have A BUNCH of teeth pulled, and is now a miserable little girl.  Pain medicine and antibiotics for her, too.  She moved a bit better this morning, but was still obviously feeling like crap.

Did I mention it's been HOT?!  Screws up everything when it's too hot to ride.  I hope to get a walk on Harley tonight - if my stomach doesn't completely knock me down.  This antibiotic doesn't say diddly about making me sun-sensitive, but I'm going to search the web to be sure. 

Meanwhile, since I have a long weekend off coming, I might be riding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Then again, I might be working my 2nd job too.  Got a BIG vet bill to pay. 


Emmi said...

Hey there, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Here is the link:

SunnySD said...

Blech... I'm sweating just thinking about the temps you guys are getting down there. Probably won't do much good to hope it cools off for you, but I will hope you're all feeling better!

Yankecwgrl said...

Can't wait to read the blog post from TODAYs ride :)