Saturday, June 8, 2013

6/8 Mo

So many other things I could call this post.

Back up Mo
Mo goes to school
Respect me Mo
Mo comes to see Jesus

You get the idea.. I had him saddled at the trailer, and I asked him to flex his nose around still in the halter.  He was fine to the left, but was having no part of my request heading right.  To avoid it, he started spinning around, and backing up.  Every time, he made sure he had his left eye on me, and not his right side.

We backed up, we backed up some more.  I had to whack his chest with an old dressage whip to get him to actually back up some of the time.  He backed into the side of my truck.  He spun around.  He shot forward, hoping to get me away from his right side.   He almost ran me over twice, darting to the side at the last minute.  Those were rewarded with even more whacks and even more backing up.

Finally, in his tantrum, he backed himself right into the hot fence.  OUCH.  Mo shot forward, almost running me down again.  I closed the trailer door, locked 'er up, and took him to the arena.

We worked in hand the entire time.  All I aimed for, was him to let me lead him, and control his feet, backing him up, all from the right eye.  Finally, I got a little straight backing up with me standing on the right.  I let the whip rest on the ground, and nearly dropped the lead line.  I backed away, and stared at the ground.  THAT was what I wanted,  took me over a half hour to get it.

Somewhere in all the arguing up by the trailer, CRNG fired a gun.  Shooting a snake, I can only assume.  That, plus backing into my truck, and the hot fence, Mo did NOT have a good morning.

I on the other hand, laughed a lot at him.  He knows full well how to lead and turn and back from both the left and right eye.  For that reason, every time I asked him to back from the right eye, and he threw a hissy fit, I increased my energy 100-fold.  There's no excuse for the fit he threw, other than he's been slowly allowed to push me around, and thought he wouldn't have to work if he were a snot. 

Nice play Mo, but I still win. :)

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SunnySD said...

Silly Mo! They sure have their moments, don't they?