Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Recovery

More! Really?! Seriously?! What else could happen and slow this down??

Well, after two unfortunate events, one I partially created, one I had NO part in creating, I landed back at the cardiologist's office today. A few quick BP tests done, and I'm staying on my heart medicine, and homebound, for the remainder of the month. Absolutely irritating!

I am to stay on the heart medicine until Feb 25. March 1, I get a few tests run. March 10, I get the results. If I "pass", I will be allowed to drive again, return to work, and start back with the horses. No riding, and no longing, until I get my balance back. I won't get my balance back until I get off the heart medicine for good.

Physical Therapy starts tomorrow. I'm anxious to get started. I want my strength back. I want to take out the trash myself... I want to lift a box of cat litter out of the truck on my own. I'd like to be able to push the vaccuum cleaner on my own, too. The little things....

So, here I sit, doing work email from home, and praying for a few miracles. It's about time, and I think I'm due one or two. Join me in the prayer if you're of the mind ...
But please pretty please, PLEASE, don't pray for patience. Because I've been praying for patience, and that seems to result in more testing, to teach me patience. I'm done learning patience, horsefolks.

And! If you're a regular reader, and you're in the climate to do so, and have the time, ride for me. Longe and think of me when you do it. And blog about it. Comment here, and send me a link. I'm going to ride through all of you, so ride hard, and give it your best. Even if you hack about bareback for five minutes, do it! I'd sure appreciate seeing somebody having some fun around here...


Stephanie said...

Thinking of you, sending you lots of prayers to get better (not for patience!!) and prayers that your health care providers do the best they can possibly do for you!

I am with you on the riding thing, oh how I cannot wait to get back in the saddle and back to normal life activities as well.

Be strong and good luck with the PT and may this month move along quickly and healthily for you :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Stephanie! You do your PT! Do what doctors tell you! No overdoing it now, dearie, either.. :)

hug your hubby often, love your critters more often. :)

Jessie said...

Hey Jennifer,

I'll keep you in my prayers! I am sure it's difficult. I am not in the same situation as you, but this winter weather sure has got me down and unmotivated to ride. It's been a while since I've done any riding other than hopping on my mare bareback and tip toeing down the driveway through the snow and ice.

Feel better soon!

SunnySD said...

Hang in there! I'm for sure with you on the patience deal - lots of prayers for health heading your way.

I'm riding vicariously these days, too. It's been way too sub-zero (-20's at night and highs in the single digits) here to think about riding - haven't even sat on my boy this year yet. But the farrier's scheduled (maybe) for Sunday if the temp actually gets into the 30's like they're saying it's supposed to. I'm hoping for a least a short trip around the pasture if so.

Jennifer said...

Jessie, Sunny... Go Ride! Groom! Snuggle! :) Something!!! :)

I'll take whatever I can get 'round here... even if I get a nicker for food, I appreciate it.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh my goodness, I feel your anguish and frustration.

Two years ago, when I fell off my previous horse after she teleported and twisted sideways during a spook, I severed my ACL which required major surgery.

It took me months to begin walking without crutches and then many more months to heal while doing physical therapy. I wasn't able to ride for a year and wasn't supposed to be handling horses either. I was supposed to be patient. Hah!

I wasn't patient and paid dearly when I decided to "just simply deworm my horse'. She was tied to a pipe rail fence and when she saw me walking up with the wormer tube and reaching to untie her, she pulled back so hard that she ripped the pipe fence welds and yanked the pipe free which hit me hard, slamming me into the ground, causing the same knee that I had just had surgery on 5 months earlier, to shatter like a windshield in a compound fracture.

Thankfully the bones basically stayed together and didn't require surgery, but I did require another 10 weeks on crutches and bed rest.

That'll teach me for not being patient and not doing what the doctor ordered!

Take care of yourself and don't rush things.