Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mid March Update

I'm reading, dangling around out here. To the few who have sent comments, and kept in touch, thank you. Yeah, I've been a crappy blogger. There isn't much to say when you're sitting around doing nothing.

So here's the update on the boys..
Romeo has had some light longing sessions, a few more complicated and long when he decided he'd rather gallop off like a nutjob than cooperate. I've hopped on his back a small handful of times, walk/trot only. His stop is good, but he has been figety on his halts. He doesn't want to stand still, he wants to continually figet around. A couple weeks ago, after a 20 minute longe, and a 15 minute ride, he refused to stand still. I managed to stand him still for a 15-count, and I dismounted. I took the bridle off, put on his halter, and walked across the short side to the gate. Unlatching the gate, he laid down behind me. Didn't roll, just laid down. What the?! I stood him back up, backed him up, scolded, and continued towards the house. Then, in the crossties, he stood rock solid for unsaddling and polo wrap removal. I approached him with the water hose, hosed legs up front, and as the water reached his neck, he set back on the ties, and broke one of the tie posts (a 4x4 post, 2' in the ground) at the ground level. Busted it! I got after him again, and continued to hose his neck until he quit arguing with me.

Neither of those things being like him, combined with that awful kick, we're visiting Dr. Sam at CVC tomorrow afternoon. If Dr. Sam finds something, I'll update and treat appropriately. If he finds nothing, Mr Romeo is going off for an attitude adjustment. I can't have that much reckless disrespect at the house, and I'm nowhere near strong enough to deal with him myself. We'll see what happens.

Harley Harley.. my baby sweet Harley. Jen has been longing him about three times a week, with me picking up those responsibilities a few times. He started out a goofy baby, and is making great progress. He is slowly getting better at his leads at canter, and has a very nice working trot. I have been on his back, um, three times now lately? Walking mostly, with a touch of trot, no more than a circle at a time. I've made a bit change for him, introducing him to the Myler 3-ring combination bit. I had a great chat with Dale Myler late last year, and he explained in detail why this is a good move from halter, to bit, to regular working snaffle. I'll be blogging his progress as we move forward, and look forward to reviewing the bit.

I am moderately looking around for a solid mount to lease/borrow for a few months. Romeo isn't trustworthy, and Harley is looking to me for trust (not for me to trust him). I revisited Ransom and considered him again, but he is very stiff, still very sore, and the time off (along with being off supplements and not moving around in a large lot), and it just didn't feel fair to put him back into work. Another horse offered to me would hardly put weight on a back leg that had an old bowed tendon. Owch... That's out of the question, too. But, I'm looking, just not having much success.

There's the update on the boys. I will work to blog a "me" update here soon, too. Things are getting better, just very slowly.

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Yankecwgrl said...

OH WOW, an UPDATE! LOL. I can't say much! I've been at computer Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 5 and still haven't been blogging!

Enjoyed the update girlie!