Friday, December 2, 2011

Romeo Romeo ...

My sweet little Romeo.

You're the "break" in between my student horse and my teacher horse.

You're the quiet one.

I can push ya in any gait, adjust the stride, and hit the brakes with a word.

Mo and I haven't been venturing off the property at all, however. That makes me sad. I miss walking and trotting down the road, just to see how far I can get. My goals of leaving home on a trail ride are looking bleaker every day. Deer and dove hunters fire off their shotguns and rifles at random times throughout the day. More annoying, the neighbor children have made a hobby out of target shooting a little 0.22 rifle. Since Mo was shot at by his previous owner, he's got a lot of good reasons to be afraid of the gunfire. I haven't chosen to stay at home, in the arena, where I can control his reaction to the fear, rather than be out in the open, wandering down the paved roadway, just to have him panic and scramble.

This means things with Romeo are easy-going and quiet. Gaits are all steady and relaxed, and the more I stay out of his mouth, the happier he is, and the lower his ears go. =)

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