Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11.10.13 AHHf Training #2

Marilyn Kulifay Judge

1 A Enter working trot.
X Halt salute
6.5 Slight drift to right, but fairly straight halt. careful not to pull inside rein

2 C Track right & B circle right 20m
6.5 circle to be rounder
3 KXM Change rein working trot
7.5 good use of corners

4 Between C & H Working canter left lead
6 obedient , but then twists head outside of arena slightly

5 E Circle left 20m
6.5 slight bracing in neck / body

6 Between E & K Working trot
6.5 needs a bit more prep

7 A Circle left 20m, allowing the horse to stretch forward and downward
Before A, shorten the reins
6 shows stretch. ask for even more

8 Between A & F Medium walk
6 careful not to pull rein into medium

9 FXM Free walk
M-C Medium walk
6.5 ask for even more stretch down, shows overstride

10 C Working trot
6 prompt. horse playing with bit somewhat

11 E Circle right 20m
6.5 needs a bit more energy here

12 FXH Change rein working trot
5.5 loses trot stride and a half, corrected

13 Between C & M Working canter right lead

14 B Circle right 20m
6.5 needs a bit more energy

15 Between B & F Working trot
6 anticipating. almost early

16 A Down centerline. X halt salute
6 fairly straight, but then steps back and goes on 3 tracks

RIDER'S position 6.5
RIDER'S correct and effective use of aids 6.5

Lovely pair! Horse needs gentle elastic connecti - rider to use more inside leg.

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