Thursday, June 26, 2008

6/21 Lesson

Chewie had a "don't want to work, lazy, Mom's gonna have to kick the snot outta me for every stride" day. Ugh... Hoped for trot ground poles in the arena. Settled for a little bit of trot, and a TON of stride adjust over poles at walk. Near lesson's end, he was incredibly happy to be at the trot, tired of walking and having to think. Not a fabulous learning lesson, except that he had to work even if he didn't want to.

Saturday, Romeo, w/t Western over poles in the arena. Kept giving him chances to screw up and chase. He did a few times, and was reminded what a one-rein stop feels like.. It was awfully encouraging to be able to tell him, "Go ahead, buddy... go gettin' stupid.. I got good brakes, and you won't win."

Sunday, Chewie Western, w/t/c. All good... A forgiving, patient ride.

Monday, Chewie, long lunge in side reins, brief English ride walk/trot. Late late start, because I had to go fetch grain, combined with other activities.

Tuesday, Chewie, see Sunday, repeat. *grin* Spooked by some stupid deer. I've got anywhere from three to seven in the pasture every evening. The genders are mixing again for the summer, fawns & all. Stupid fawns are spooking at the wind moving grass... they'll sprint in any which direction, getting Chewie's eye, and spooking him. Stupid stupid stupid deer... Yeah Yeah, I know they're peaceful & fun to watch. Chase them into someone else's yard & watch them.

Wednesday, Romeo, surcingle & side reins in the round pen. About 20 minutes. Finished him up bareback round pen for 10. Deer everywheres again, but at least they weren't spooking. Romeo good boy bareback. Good good pony.

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