Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

It's been a stressful week, full of work stress, personal stress... even a little equine stress, which is rare for me.

Monday, I celebrated my birthday by tacking Chewie up hunter. I had full intentions on trot poles in the arena... He lunged in the side reins like a babydoll, and I lost track of time. Lunged him for nearly a half hour. I felt bad. That adorable horse worked on Sunday in the lesson for nearly two hours, and I didn't have the heart to do it again. So I climbed on, and we worked on coming & going at the walk. Set up four ground poles on a 20m circle (on a clock, at 3,6,9,12), walked over them. He was lazy on contact, on a loose rein, and stayed focused on me, despite nature boogeying all around him. I was satisfied. I had a "relationship day" with Chewie. One where we didn't "work", per se, but just enjoyed our parternship.

Tuesday, I rode Romeo, Western, in the yard. Thinking back, it's super funny. A neighbor lady was doing her little exercise walk. Romeo didn't see her as quick as I did. Her figure moving down the road, well, scared him. He spooked at the trot, shot about 3ft away from her, eyes wide, ears pinned on her. Poor guy doesn't see many people that shape & size.. It was funny. We worked on walk, jog, and a little trot, all sitting, all relaxed. Well, except for his uber-spook. Those walking women sure are scary.

After that, caught Chewie, free lunge in halter in the round pen. Fifteen minutes later, he was totally focused on me, even just in a halter. So I got brave. I tied the lead rope to the halter sides to pretend they were real reins, and hopped on. (bareback, no helmet, as I thought to myself, "you're gonna get squashed!") Chewie and I worked on walk, air brakes, a bit of neck reining with a little leg pressure. I finished up his brief work by scratching anywhere I could reach while still up on him. Trying to teach him my moving around him isn't always bad, and he doesn't always have to catch me. :) He was more than compliant, and followed me (no halter) up to the trailer to fetch his reward-cookies for a job well done.

Wednesday, a friend came to the house for a little riding. He's got a roping mare that, well, is hot. There's no other way to describe her. He rode at a wild canter around my arena, I worked on Romeo, Western, walk, jog, and just aimed for relaxed focus. We did a little leg yield walk & trot. My friend decided it was high time for a trail walk around the pasture. I spooked. Romeo got tense. I decided it wasn't worth it, sent friend walking with his mare solo. I walked out of the arena, towards the barn, still on Romeo, and met them mid way in the pasture. While he untacked, I did a little work in the yard again. Romeo was good, until I got upset, then it took a bit to calm him down. Sometimes, I get so many different "Training tips" that it's hard to focus on developing Romeo... need to work on that.

Tonight, Western, Round Pen, Chewie, canter. I'm not feeling 100%, but perhaps after I get home from work, relax, and un-stress, I'll be feeling good enough to ride. I miss my Chubacca.... And besides, I have to have something to show Robin in Saturday's lesson.

*cheer hurray hurray!!!* Comments!! I'm being watched! Somebody other than me and a few close friends are actually reading all this gibberish. :) Hoooo-ray! Hi there strangers! Make yourself at home...

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