Monday, April 25, 2011

4/23/11 Mo Coming Home, Pt 1

We arrived at H's place, and found Mo snoozing, saddled, tied to a tree. Greetings and introductions all around. We talked about Mo a little, and I went for my boots and helmet.

Dressed, I didn't even hesitate. H bitted him (loose o ring snaffle), and I hopped on. I didn't wait for her to ride first.

I squeezed Mo up to the walk, delightful. I pushed him into the trot, and very quickly reminded myself of his favorite feature - his trot. Mo can trot flat, and cover ground. I can sit his trot! Beautiful.

Then I pushed him to a canter with my legs. Hmm.. stickie, and a little lazy. Maybe I didn't warm him up long enough. Anyways, with solid leg cues, he did pick it up, and had his left lead. Nice. His canter was pretty soft, cadenced, and felt like he was going somewhere without running off.

I walked over to H, we switched places. She rode him right lead canter, and showed me a few things I didn't try - collection. Mo was holding a dressage long&low collected trot and canter with her, and staying pretty steady for it. His canter-to-trot transition, he still throws his head up and slams brakes on his forehand, but that will take time.

She came back to me, I got back on. She grabbed a new horse of hers, bitted, hopped up bareback, and we went for a walk of the pasture.

Hmm.. Other free horses
Big pond
Traffic from a four lane divided highway just outside the pasture
Fishing boats
Other traffic
Did I mention other free horses? A BUNCH of them..

Ya'll are just dying to know how his trail walk went, hmm? I'm making you wait 'til tomorrow! 'Cuz I can!

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Kate said...

Aww, that means I can't read it till Wednesday. No fair!