Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/7/11 Change of Plans

I had a mental game plan in my head. We were going to bend and flex, and make a huge number of bending turns, then settle straight a step or two to halt. I figured if I made the turning a challenge, then standing still square would be a vacation.

R arrived after a long day, and said, "Hey baby, look in the back of my truck." Surprise! Ten used railroad tie posts, which were gently laid down to form the new floor surface for the cross-tie posts. Knowing that lifting those was going to be IMPOSSIBLE, I left him to his doing, and retreated to the arena.

Harley and I longed out, free and neck stretcher, for about 35 minutes. I was distracted by some chest pain, and a gigantic lack of energy. This was too close to the end of a long week, and without some extra rest, I didn't see myself lifting a saddle, or myself into the tack. He complied, and did pretty well.

As Harley ate his supper, the last of the RR ties were placed in their order. I interrupted his supper, and said, "Hey Monster. We need you a minute to see if these are all in the right place. C'mon, let's go try this. Since Big Brother is still in Hoof Camp, we can't use him today."

Like they'd been there his whole life, and he'd walked across them every single day, Harley sniffed the RRties, and walked up onto them without hesitation. I asked him to halt, and he stood there completely still. After a little while measuring and evaluating, we decided one post up front needed moved to the back. I asked Harley to walk off the front just like he'd stepped up on them, and again, he shocked us with his courage.

Good Job Harley Monster!

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