Friday, November 18, 2011

11-13-11 The Results

While we waited in between tests, Harley took a sharp "turn on the forehand", just as the rainstorms came. A young lady watching the show darted under a tree, "ooh, it's cold and wet!" I responded, "Yeah yeah yeah.. She says to the girl ON her horse in a White shirt! Nobody told me this was a wet tee-shirt contest!" The observers all laughed, and the rains eased up some.

After the tests, we got lots of applause, which is out of the ordinary for dressage shows around here. Folks clap for their son or daughter, friends for each other. I don't live near any of the shows I attend, so most folks don't even know me where we ride. The barn owner cheered for us after each ride, praising Harley's calm behavior, and "my great riding". I glowed walking back to the trailer. A young lady praised us as we passed her, "You rode great today! Good job!"

After about an hour, I wandered into the show office to find our scores. I jumped up & down, and danced like Snoopy back to the trailer.

Those scores qualify us for series Championships! Two shows, two judges, two scores over 60%.

Later on, the show manager walked over to the trailer with the ribbons.

Second place for Test A
First place for Test B
Adult Amateur Intro Division Champions

I think we floated on the trailer ride home. :)

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porkpal said...

Those are some GOOD scores - especially from that judge. Congratulations on all your work.