Friday, November 18, 2011

11/14/11 Boss Bang

I caught Boss. Saddled up, headed to the arena. Southern winds were howling around the arena, typical of fall transition into winter here, as the cold fronts blow in and the coastal winds fight the fronts.

He walked around quietly, and we even trotted a bit. Then, pretty much without cause, he stopped. I felt him tighten up and get stiff. I asked him to walk forward, and I got about four steps before he halted again. I hopped off, flexed him left & right, and hand walked him a little.

Mounted and hopped off repeatedly from the center of the arena , and found that away from the mounting block, he stands pretty quiet for hopping on. Finally, I hopped on and stayed there.

I asked for walk forward. Got one step, halt. Asked again, one step, halt. Asked a third time, no walk forward. I kicked him rather hard, got one more step, halt. Frustrated, I hopped off, and decided the winds must've been too much for him to handle. I took the bridle off, put the halter on,
Boss shuddered and took a step towards me, resting his head on my arm...

Gunfire, from CRNG's way. I took Boss back to the trailer to unsaddle.
More gunfire from CRNG's way. I shouted, "HEY! Look before you shoot!"

Thanks Boss, for getting me off your back before the guns actually went off.

Well after dusk, another rifle shot went off, farther from home. I turned it in as after-hours illegal hunting to the game warden, and then the county sheriff. I don't know who's doing all the shooting, but I'm not impressed. Neither is Boss.

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