Monday, October 1, 2012

09/28-09/30 Romeo

Friday, when I hosed it down, it was looking really good.  Applied the sweat (nitrofurazone), cling wrap, polos.  He got a pedicure Friday around lunch, and enjoyed a little grass from a small pen in the back yard while Mr Eddie trimmed Harley.  He ate very quietly in the pen, and behaved himself nicely.

Saturday, the swelling had increased significantly.  Where his leg was shaved, it looked a bit irritated.  I hosed it a few extra minutes, wraps only.  A bit more grass from the side yard.  - It POURED rain Saturday, with a total of 3-4".  Puddles and mud everywheres.

Sunday morning, the weather was brisk, wind blowing gusty, and I made the unintelligent decision to trust Romeo in the small pen while I cleaned his stall.  He proved there is in fact enough room to run stupid in that tiny pen, so I quickly snatched him back up and locked him back in the stall.  PM hosing looked really good, but the skin around the tendon lesion was incredibly red and scabby-irritated looking.  No sweat applied.

Tonight, we go back to Dr Sam for a quick check-up, and another laser treatment.  Easy enough.  Then back home to stall and pony-jail.   He's been on 2g bute (1g/2x day) and will remain on 2g for today and tomorrow.  I will reduce it after this to 1g/day for another week and a half.

The only other addition I've made, is ordered SmartFlex Rehab for Mo, to arrive sometime this week.  As always, the SmartPak folks were incredibly helpful over the phone at making this choice.  It's loaded in supplement goodness, and should help with the healing.

It's slightly overwhelming, all of it.  R installed a light at the washrack corner of the house, so I'll be able to start riding Harley again right after work, and hosing Mo's leg after dark.  Okay, time to be honest with myself.. it's incredibly overwhelming.  Did I not keep him fit enough that his little hissy fit a few weeks ago caused the injury?  Is he overweight enough that it was hard to run?  Should I go on a run all over my pastures and/or have a tractor come in and mix up all the dirt to eliminate any holes (that snakes and/or moles will just re-create anyways in a matter of days)?  Or is this just bad luck finally landed in my pasture? 

Dr. Sam has only planned the next month of rehab and healing for Romeo.  What comes next?  I don't even know, but I don't figure it's much cantering around the arena.  Probably the biggest disappointment?  I had set a goal to compete Mo in a Competitive Trail Course.  Not going to happen now, as I don't figure he'll be healthy enough to get back in shape needed to compete.  Huge disappointment ...

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SunnySD said...

It's discouraging sometimes, isn't it? Hang in there!