Thursday, October 25, 2012

Harley Conformation Pictures

Harley, 10-25-12  I'm gonna be a little silly following, but here's a chance for anyone and/or everyone to comment on his conformation.  I'm curious what everybody has to say, so don't be bashful.  You can tell me he's gawgeous, you can tell me he's butt-fugly.  I know he's good at his job - see the show videos and the jump clips for movement.

Wait a minute, Mom.  I gotta itch!

Hi blogger peoples!  I'm getting ready to dance with Mom, but she wanted me to come say, "hi" for the camera first.  So , HI!
Mom, not my best side.  I know when I'm a naughty pony you call me "donkey", but taking a picture of my tooshie?  NOT NICE!

See, now I've got a funny face, 'cuz you were laughing at me.  Are you done yet?  I'm ready to go dancing!  

Thanks Mom, This comes AFTER dancing.  Foods!  Yum Yum

Here.. You want some?  I'll sharre with the reader people, too!

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