Monday, December 3, 2012

Fall Mo Update

Two months of stall rest.
Two and a half months total injury time.
He's back! :)

Last Thursday, Mo and I went to see Dr. Sam.  We got the ultrasound going, on Mo's newly clipped leg.  (At home, minus the downer drugs.. YAY!)  All clear.  I need to get comparison pictures.  A little of the skin infection remains and is healing up nicely.  Otherwise, there's no swelling visible, and the lesion wasn't detectable on the ultrasound.  Dr. Sam compared old to new images, and cleared him to restart activity.

Mo and Harley switched side in the stalls, giving Harley Mo's grassy pasture, and Mo has H's paddock as his new, larger "home".  Since Dr. Sam cleared Mo for light hand walking "15-30 minutes a day, for at least a week before progressing to riding the walk", I got creative.

Day 1, Friday,  I saddled Harley up endurance, polo wrapped Mo and Harley's front legs, gave them both a stern talking to.  Headed to the arena.

I ponied Mo from Harley.  I was scared, I won't lie.  Amazing Harley didn't jump out from under me, my legs were both shaking like mad those first few minutes.  Harley isn't 100% confident all on his own, and knowing Mo could very well be fresh from his long vacation, when I got on Harley, I was terrified.  Mo walked up behind Harley, and must've touched him on the behind.  Harley spun around, faced Mo, pinning his ears.  I forced Harley to move Mo's feet around a while, and then the two settled.

Twenty minutes, wandering around the arena.  Direction changes, circles, lots of lines, all avoiding tight places and ground poles.  I was delighted.  Harley has NOT been a pony-horse before, and he's no perfect neck reining critter, either.  Yet, once he understood his new job as "leader", he took it on proudly. 
Both horses were rewarded with good pats, and lots of treats at the end of our walk.  I plan on doing this more in the coming weeks, probably once a week until Mo is cleared to ride the walk again.


SunnySD said...

Whoo-hoo! That's great news!

Way to go with the ponying, too. It's not every horse that makes a good pony horse, and it's a wonderful skill for them to have, both ponying and being ponied.

Jennifer said...

It's an exercise I haven't tried again since, but I will. Harley and I got busy with that last show prep, and then I was able to ride Mo again.

Walking aboard Mo is MUCH nicer than walking beside him.