Friday, November 30, 2012

What's Harley been Up To

Oooh.. about 15.1, 15.2... *giggle*  sorry, sorry...

Seriously.  Harley lately has been:

  • Brief leg yields at trot
  • Learning to lift his front end a lot more.  This has sacrificed nice "bend at the poll", but since it appears this is "success" locally at Training Level, I'm trying to work through it
  • Long & Low trot, for longer than a stride or two.  It's a slow process.  Some days, he really gets it.  Other days, pure disaster.
  • Quiet trot and canter in hunt saddle, including two point.  His canter isn't quite there.  He doesn't race off, he doesn't get stupid.  He brakes gait to a trot, sometimes the walk.  Kid thinks he's going to lose me, and I admire that.
  • Trot poles, varying heights.  Total success.  The more difficult I make it, the better he is. 
  • Cross rails, trot, varying heights.  From tiny low to significant, he's not had refusals or tried to swing around them.
  • Canter poles - fail.  Epic fail.  I think it's the two-point hesitation, along with general "well, I know I can trot these, so let's try that"
Around the barn
  • Brief trailer loading problem has been resolved.  Yesterday I loaded and unloaded him twice, just to test. 
  • Plastic bags.  He sniffs to them rather than runs away.
  • Trotting in-hand.  Finally got this!
  • Understanding a popping "move your feet" whip to a "desensitizing".  We're getting there.
Trail Walking down the road
  • Chickens?  No problem
  • Oncoming traffic?  No problem
  • Barking dogs?  No problem
  • Deer?  As long as they move slowly and don't spring out of the bushes, we're good. :)
We have one more show this year.  Next Sunday, AHHf.  Going to ride out Training 1 again, and add Prix Caprilli.  I believe my Intro C days are complete.  They served the purpose.  Unfortunately, it does appear that Intro C allows all that "long neck, low headset" , while Training discourages it.  He's getting confused, and so am I.

I'll post tonight on Mo.  I owe a new picture of his leg, and an update of our vet appointment yesterday afternoon.


SunnySD said...

Do you ever look back to your first posts and realize just how much you've accomplished? I'm in awe, and I say that with all sincerity.

Jennifer said...

No, but I probably should, you think??

Thanks. It's not easy for me to say "holy cow, I've learned SO much, and I can do SO MUCH more than I used to." Instead, I'm always thinking, "I wish I were better at ___", or "maybe things will work out and I can learn how to ___".