Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Despite the crash, Things are well

Romeo is healing up nicely from his skin infection, and the tendon looks terrific.  I suspect another week or two of healing skin time, and I should be able to get him back in for the ultrasound.  He's behaving in his stall, and I'm beginning to scour the world for some serious support boots for his rehab riding when that time comes.  I've always kept "light support" in the boot department, wanting to keep riding horse sound enough without the support, so they can compete without increased injury risk.  I always figured if they always went in boots or polo wraps, and they were ultra supportive, when you went into the show ring without them, there was an increased risk of injury.  Now, I need to find some super-support for Mo's legs. 

Last week, I had a wonderfully sweet conversation with Jamie at SmartPak.  She was calling to check on his progress, see how the SmartFlex Rehab was working out, and develop a plan of action on his treatment. :)  Very nice, and very considerate, those SmartPak people are.

Harley has made great strides... Pun intended.  I had Jen over last Thursday (yes, same day as splat), and she gave us a few suggestions of ways to increase the energy of his trot.  Harley has pretty much quit fighting the bit again, so I moved back to the french link from the Myler combo (#1).  He argues at the start, but is settling into work and relaxed form pretty quickly.  I should say... it's funny.  I was used to a 30+ min longing warm up ... Harley?  Ten minutes TOPS and I'm aboard riding him.

Received the tragic news that on Oct 30, 2012, Skys Blue Boy passed away from euthanization after a founder incident.  We lost a true quality stallion when Blue galloped on.  Harley and I will keep on riding in his memory, and try to live up to his standards. 

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