Tuesday, December 17, 2013


yesterday's ride was 100% uneventful.  A little longe, where Harley let me know just how ticked off he is being in the paddock while the fence behind us is built.  I hopped on, and we walked.  I rode a little bit of trot, and a hint of canter, just to ensure he wouldn't think he was getting out of it all together.  There was a lot of tractor-noise behind the arena, and it kept both of us alert.  Simple, short, relaxing ride. 

Here's part of today's ride.
*fast forward to about a minute to see more than the trees - I had to start the video myself, and then walk over to Harley to hop on*

He was in rare form today. Moments before this video were a little yucky, as I had one extra ground pole on the second jump standards you see.  He was apparently startled by this change, and let me know about it.  I guess I'm just not sure how to add anything more than what we're doing here.  :( 

This video shows plenty to work on, but I'm happy to see I'm not slamming down on his fact that much, and he looks fairly content in the job.

The "whoa" conversation we have off-camera?  Something rustled in those trees you see.. most likely a bird.. there's also a large fence re-build finishing up behind that brush line, so we were both wondering if there was somebody over there. Turns out, it was either a bird or a squirrel.  I'm voting for secret ninja squirrels.  Because they eat horses.

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