Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 - THE goal

Happy 2014 to all!!  Let's get this party started!

Since I started riding with N, Harley has progressed from trotting poles and trotting to ONE crossrail, all the way to jumping gymnastics.. I can't wait to get some video at a lesson so everybody can see how much progress we've made.  It's always amazing to me how fluid he is at his lessons.  When I get lots of energy heading to the jump line, he seems to be eager to get into it.  It makes me laugh when I see his ears prick up at them, "Really Mom?  Let's go!!"  Then the lightness in his canter heading away, both ears usually on me, "waiting for that praise" that he knows is coming, even in the quiet, "Good boy" verbal praise. 

So!  I have ONE big goal for 2014.  Sure, I'd like better dressage scores at Training Level.  Yeah, I think we'll graduate ourselves up to Prix Caprilli 2 at the schooling shows.  Those are little things. 

My big goal for 2014 is to compete Harley in a Green As Grass eventing competition.  I know, I know, peanuts..  little stuff for some of the others in blogger-land.  But I'm a rookie, Harley's quite green still, so there it is.

There's lots to learn, it seems.  I think I have the location picked out, but I don't know which date I'll choose.  I've already watched the video of the course a few times, and looked at all the cross country jump pictures a dozen times online.  No enthusiasm at all, can you tell??  I've shared my goal with MsN, who says entirely do-able goal.  How exciting is that?! 

I'll update those goals along the right side of the blog in the next few days, but I just couldn't wait to share with all the readers.  Do you have any experience with eventing?  Please share!  I'm excited, anxious, a bit nervous, but ready to get into the new year of training!