Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hunter saddle, Harley warmed up nice on the flat.  The wind was howling (20mph with 35+gusts), so it was nice to have him paying attention.

Trotted to the pole, X, pole.  He was barely moving.  Crawling.  One time, he had a beautiful canter over the pole, jumped, pole, and quietly went back to trot.  Lots of verbal praise from me, Jen, and a good hearty pat.  Next time?  Back to that lazy trot.  Both directions, just stepping over.

Cantered over ground poles a while, and he started to find his stride. 

Today?  I'm going back to the dressage saddle, and we're going to at a minimum canter over three poles in a row, on the circle, and on the straight. 

I'm entirely 100% not sure if Harley's hesitant, nervous, or just being flat-out lazy over the X at trot.  He isn't really jumping, and that's NOT the horse I had before.  Though, I do remember once we did canter the little X, he started only stepping over the X at trot.  Hmmm..

Things to ponder while I plan for the sunrise.  Weather's supposed to turn yuck late tonight, and be yuck the next three days.  Cooler tomorrow, slight chance of rain.  Then more cold and rain Tuesday.  Certainly not the best timing, given the show Saturday.  At least for the dry days, I need to "suck it up and ride".

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