Thursday, March 27, 2014

3/22/14 Lesson and Homework

Got Harley up and moving with the shorter reins, and had some decent work.  Must continue the emphasis on bend, and forward.  I gave him a healthy smack with the whip only one time, with a nice shot forward, and after, he wasn't as heavy to move out. 

Jump work was rough.  Really Really rough.  He overjumped a little X first, and I managed to get his attention back.  Second trip, he overjumped yet again, and burst out in a gallop I wasn't prepared to stay with.  After a short discussion, I hopped back on, and we backed clear up to trot poles.  Things were okay.  Ended each line of trot poles with a sharp halt. 

The X was set back up, smaller, then eventually raised back to where it was originally.  At best, we had one trip of a true jump.  The rest were trot-over steps, or a half-effort jump.  The complete opposite of what he originally offered.  I approached the line, saw a small X, followed by a stride and a vertical, and paniced.  I didn't see that happening pleasant, and didn't need any more bruises, so we called it a day.


Continue the bend exaggeration in the warmups.  Ask for forward, nicely once, then with the whip.  Insist on forward. Canter early in the warmup, which improves the contact, the bend, and the quality of trot.

Start with trot poles.  Gradually increase the height of the X until a true jump effort is reached.  Lots of energy heading in the trot to the line.  If he starts to get that "rush away" attitude, halt gently after the jump as soon as reasonable.  Repeat a few times. 

One day a week of longeline work on side reins. 

Find a safe place, and introduce him to the gallop with a rider.  We've not yet done this, at all, since I started riding him.  I've got a few ideas on where this might happen, but I'm not certain when.

The weather has been rainy since.  This is a good thing.  We need the rain, and it's nice to see a green pasture starting in the back yard. 

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