Thursday, May 15, 2014


After the wild bucking fit, I gave Harley another two days off.  Tried another ride - - he twisted about a bit in the longe warmup, then quieted to his normal self.  Hmm. The ride was fantastic.  Stiff, didn't want to bend, but at least he'd move out.  A few bits of short canter, and lots of good trot work.  About 40 minutes.   I stuffed another ride or two in there, longing him over some trot poles, again, good results.  Some lazy "don't wanna pick up the feet" moments, but he didn't flip out when he stepped on and tripped over the poles. 

I reported the update to the vet on 5/9 when I took Romeo in for his annual shots/coggins.  Vet said, "Good.  How much bute is he on?"  Well, 1g twice a day, since you didn't really give us a plan forward.  Decision was made to get him down to 1g "for a few days", then try him some more. 

On 1g of bute, he got one ride.  Things went surprisingly well, again.    Then, some beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, wonderful rain came.  This week has been pleasantly soggy.  We needed the grass watering.

He's off the bute now, and I will get some rides in this weekend. 

Romeo continues to be quiet, most of the time.  He longes like a 2 yo that hasn't had a ride, um, ever.  Bucking wild crazy goofy fits that disappear as soon as I hop on to ride.  Nice, peaceful quiet rides.  Some in the arena, some out in the pasture.  He's due a ride down the road, which I hope to get to soon as well.

The running remains.  I'm still sticking with it, considering a formal name change to Forest Gump. Tomorrow night's plan calls for 2.25 miles straight jogging, no walk breaks.  Whee.  Should be interesting.

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