Thursday, May 1, 2014

4/29/14 A lot of Nothing

First check, was hooves.  Tight squeezes on all four.  Clean! (*and I smiled big at that*)
Lifted each leg, and manipulated every joint, all four legs.  Nothing.

The vet checked Harley walk and trot on a line (in the gravel).
Then trotting a circle, each way.
Flexion rear legs - left showed nothing.  Right "showed a slightly shorter stride". 
X-rays of Hock and Stifle on Right.  4 views, each joint. 
Nada.  Nothing.   Clean.

The plan ahead was 1g bute twice a day.  "Try to ride him after a few days."   Tonight, I'll start out light, add side reins, see what he shows me.

Then, I'm not real sure what we'll do.  The vet was going to show the x-rays to a colleague, and "let me know".  I'm not expecting them to see anything.  On the upside, it means Harley's joints are clean.  If that's the "tough sore side", then the other three oughta look amazing. 

In other news, my 5k went well 4-27-14.  37:12 . Not too shabby, and a good start time to work on.  My joints are holding up well.  Knees were fairly sore the day after the run.  I took two days off, then ran again last night.  A little sore this morning as well.  Expected though.  I'm up to #C25k on week 4 day 2 (yesterday), and I've added to the run by another 9 minutes above what the app calls for.  It seems hard to "rest-back", after the efforts I put in last week to be ready for 4-27. 

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