Friday, April 25, 2014

Waiting on Tuesday

When we finally will get to see the vet.  I tried to ride Wednesday, and nothing went well there.  Harley was okay at walk, okay at trot, then canter-right, he was having no part of that.  It was super disappointing.  I decided to stop rather than push him and risk getting hurt (him worse, or me at all).

So now after searching for a vet, and finding no one reliable enough to get us in this week (a horrible experience even trying to schedule something), I'm waiting for our Tuesday afternoon appointment.

In the meanwhile, I've had a couple good rides on Mo, along with a few hard runs.  Wednesday also brought a funeral for a friend, which was incredibly difficult.  Between the troubles with Harley, and the funeral, I needed a release.

So I ran.  Hard.

I'm entered in a 5k this coming Sunday evening, knowing I will be walking and jogging.  But today, I put in 2.9miles.  That's pretty darn close to far enough.  Of that, I'm pretty proud.  I've got my clothes washed & line drying, running shoes cleaned, playlist set. 

Now it's just the R-u-n.  *gulp*

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