Sunday, January 2, 2011

Helluva Way To Start 2011...

I hope everyone's New Year celebrations were rockin. Mine, not so much. MrsMom gave you a brief notice, so let me also mention what happened.

Romeo and I were in his pasture, goofing around. He was cutting me, and I was cutting him. He had playful body language, and for a bit, was free longing around me at a jog. Suddenly, for whatever reason, Mo turned around, planted his front end, and kicked back at me. His entire rear hoof slammed into my chest.

I turned towards the house, took about three steps, and got out a "Help!" to R on the porch. I sat down, and passed out. I woke up to him calling my name, asking me if I wanted an ambulance, or him to take me. I tried to sit up, and couldn't. So I chose the former.

It was a terrifying 30 minutes waiting, being tied to the board, loaded, and taken to town. I hurt, and the more upset I got, the harder it was to breathe. When we arrived in the ER, they asked a dozen more questions, and I got even more frustrated waiting.

Finally, some doctors arrived. They ran blood work, an EKG, a CT scan. EKG and blood work showed my heart had been damaged. CT showed no organ damage otherwise, and no broken or cracked bones. I was admitted for observation.

Friday, there was more blood work, and another EKG. The doctors came by, and said all indications were my heart was badly bruised. The heart monitor attached to me blipped badly when I tried reading the newspaper laying back. More drugs, more time.

Yesterday, a different cardiologist described the injury as a mini heart attack. The heart monitor still shows irregular beats, and the blood work isn't yet clean. I am scheduled to hopefully go home tomorrow, and rest at home the rest of the week.

It hurts. I know what happened, and I have a plan to reinstill some respect with Mo. More, I am thankful. Think about it... a little higher, it'd been my head. A little lower, my tummy. To one side or the other, limbs. I am lucky and blessed. He could've done more damage.

Remember they are huge, and strong, no matter how cuddly they may seem. As for me, pray for healing, and patience. I am having to learn to be still, and I stink at that.


Rising Rainbow said...

Boy, I hate to hear this but you sure did all the right things. Me, I'm known for declining help thinking I'm a tough old bird and will be just fine.

I preach on my blog about getting help and going to a level 1 trauma center because many ER docs don't know or do the right things for horse injuries. I have a dear friend who is a trauma specialist. She has finally drilled it into my head the dangers of blunt force trauma from a horse to the body or head so I get how dumb I've been in times passed.

It sounds like you are in really capable hands and they know exactly what happened to you. That's a really good thing because while you might be grateful it was not your head, where it was still could have killed you. A bruised heart is nothing to sneeze at and you are one lucky woman.

My friend has also drilled it into my head that we are our own worst enemies because we think because we feel ok that we are fine when we are not. It's really important to follow the timetable set by the docs even though your body might feel like it can handle more because unfortunately by the time we feel bad we've done real damage to organs that needed to heal.

I hope this isn't beginning to sound like a lecture but your words scared me just a bit. I know how vulnerable you are even now from that blow to your heart and I'd hate to see things go south.

I lost a friend this last year to a horse injury. She and her family thought she was going to recover as well. The docs knew she was not out of the woods and suddenly she was gone.

You are one very lucky lady and I'd sure like to see it stay that way. Be good, follow orders, don't push yourself until they tell you it's ok and get well soon.

I'm so glad you're alive to talk about this and I'll be praying for your speedy recovery.

GunDiva said...

I can't imagine being hospital-bound for days; I feel for you. Sorry this happened :(

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! This is the second time I've stopped by your blog and I'm so sorry to hear what happened. Hope you heal completely and soon.

Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone...
I have done what they tell me, even forcing a few coughs.. I had to sneeze yesterday, and it about knocked me down. When it hurts, I ask for pain meds. I have been light on them, so it's easy to make me feel better.

R is keeping up with things at home, and is to be applauded for it. He will be rounding up help for the week, in an effort to keep me still.

Thanks again..

K. Erickson said...

Oh, wow! Ouch! I'll be praying for a speedy recovery and no permanent damage.

Mikey said...

Hope you get better super quick. That's a heck of a lesson in the power of horses, right there. Glad you're still alive to blog about it!! Get better soon! We'll keep you in our prayers!

Jennifer said...

Today Should be Go Home day! I hope I hope I hope!

cdncowgirl said...

Just stopped by to let you know you're in my prayers.

You are indeed lucky and blessed to be walking away from this. I have to say that I have a lot of respect for you not throwing in the towel after a major injury.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I saw your comment on 'Behind the Bit' and had to stop by to read what happened because I had something similar happen last summer when my horse double barrel kicked me in the face, breaking my orbital eye socket in several places...and causing short term vision problems and long term fear issues. I still get extreme anxiety and heart palpitations whenever my mare turns her back to me and I avoid even working with her rear end anymore.

I force myself to handle her and to teach her to respect my space, but I don't trust her like I used to and it takes all of my strength and courage to get out there with her....every small step for me is huge!

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and tell you I understand what you must have gone through (are still going through?) least emotionally. I'm glad your injuries didn't prove fatal and that you are still keeping on with your horses despite your injuries. You must be one very brave and courageous woman.