Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/4/11 Nyah Nyah

Romeo went first, and we went on about an hour and fifteen minute walk/trot down the road. We made it past the three goofy neighbor horses, me mounted, some at trot. We got past first, second, all the way to third corner. I stopped when I knew Mo could see the last straightaway before the road split. We're awful close to my year goal with him for "down the road". One more straightaway to go, and back on home, and we're there. On the way back home, CRNG sped past us, engine zooming, a few feet from us. I'm about sure he was trying to spook us, as there was plenty of road space on his own side of the road. Jerk!

Harley was up next. All three gaits, one lead wrong, and a bit more give to the bit. I rode him through almost all of Intro A. Realizing there's no "Halt at X" to start off the ride, I'm a bit perplexed. I skipped that, and departed the test from "X". His circles are round, though my arena not being perfect dressage size, they're not all 20m. Close enough to the pattern, but far enough away he won't be memorizing it. I hope. He got a little stiff towards what I thought would be end of the ride. Tossing his head UP at every transition. I slowed things down a bit, and did some walk/trot transitions. As they improved, we slowed to walk/halt transitions. About a dozen transitions walk/halt, halt/walk later, he was back to normal, well behaved. A good long groom when we finished, all with the brushes, since he's turned into a huge ball of grey fuzz in the cooler temperatures. Didn't feel like hosing him and waiting while he dried. Brush, Brush, Brush.

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