Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yup, I owe a vacation update. Pictures, links, all other kinds of goodness. R and I travelled to San Antonio for the weekend. Refreshing, relaxing, and very exercising. *giggle* We got lost on foot, at least four times. OOPS! Very reflective trip as well.

Back to the ponies...
With their long vacation, I was expecting stiff and resistant. Ooh Yeah! Monday morning, I chose Harley first. Stiff, stubborn, but forward in the refreshing cool air. I asked for trot, and he took off. I used every tiny little ounce of confidence I had, and let him go forward, ever so slowly shortening the reins.

He got better as the ride went on. I worked through some pieces of the upcoming show tests, but didn't go through either of them start to finish. no pattern learning, Harley! His canter work was all correct, and big! I giggled at him, long strided down the arena long sides. HAH! Go buddy!

Romeo? Well, every horse has to have a bad day. Romeo chose Monday. He didn't get his right canter lead the first three asks. First time, I couldn't get him stopped, and had to pull his head around to an ugly one-rein stop. Second time, more of the same. Third time, I tugged hard on the bit, and raced him backwards. I was angry, and he knew exactly why. I asked the fourth time, perfect lead. But Racing like a ninja! He ran!!! I didn't leave that go for long, before I shortened him back to a trot. Then since he seemed to be ignoring reins and turns, we trotted enough circles and figure-8s.. I was dizzy!

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