Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm Still Here

Happy Friday ya'll. I rode good last weekend, Fri and Sat. Sunday I woke up with a stomach virus, complete with flu and fever. Boo...

Needless to say I haven't ridden since. Heading away today and tomorrow, minus the horses. A mini vacation, and I will get pictures to share.

Harley is coming along nicely still. "Dressage Person" who offered up the training tips, thanks! I'm all-ears, lay it on me! Ready to hear whatever you've got. I am willing to try.

Until Monday, you guys all have a great weekend. I will be back in the tack Sunday evening, and will update more next week. Harley and I are anxious to get back in the show ring next weekend!


SunnySD said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better - hope you have a wonderful weekend sans ponies.

Dressage Person said...


You can e-mail me at and I can get you some video/reading material and explain more about action-reaction (it'll take up a bit of room here on your comments).

Basically has to do with re-educating the horse to the bit so that they learn to mouth it and accept that it's like a piece of chewing gum in - tasty, very enjoyable, but not going away. Also has to do with re-educating the rider so that the rider is always consistent, clear and giving/forgiving.