Thursday, September 1, 2011

8/28 Gallop Day?

Entered the arena, and as I removed the halter to put his bit on, Harley turned away from me.  I managed to get the bit on, but as I leaned down to retrieve the fallen halter, off he went.

At an all out gallop across the arena.  I picked up the loose lead rope, and clucked to him.  Harley responded, and took off, down long side, ears perked forward, at it appeared he was enjoying himself.

Realizing the mosquitoes were even worse that morning, and while he was running around like a racehorse, Harley did have an ear on me, and for the most part, turned facing-in every time I changed his direction. 

So I let him run.  A total of about 15 minutes, and in it I was able to vary the general speed of the canter stride, from a full gallop, down to a nice relaxed canter. 

At a verbal "whoa", he turned in, faced me, and took about five steps towards me.  Barely out of breath.  Apparently he's in pretty good fitness, and thought rather well of himself.

well played, Harley.  well played.  Managed yourself a pretty easy day there.

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