Friday, September 9, 2011

If You're Still Reading

I'll repost this next week, too.. Thinking about making some significant blog changes. I know the account "followers" aren't the only ones reading, and I thank you "non listed followers" for being here, too..

Email me, through the links, through Facebook, through DG, through smoke signals (wait.. no, all the wildfires, don't use smoke signals), airhorns, text messages.. you get the idea..

If you're still reading, contact me, let me know.


Hemi said...

i am still reading! i check daily and love to hear your updates! lol, even though i am hundreds of miles away!!! hundreds and hundreds and hundreds!

Anonymous said...

still reading.

Mrs Mom said...

;) I'm here--- but you knew that!

SunnySD said...

Still reading - it's been crazy up here lately, so I've been catching up in big chunks during free moments... but definitely still reading :)