Saturday, September 3, 2011

9/3 At Home

Rode Harley this morning. Good results.

Longe warmup was good, leads all correct. He was a bit lazy but with some motivation got going. Ride was sweet. Relaxing. While stiff in his bends, and a little grumpy on collection, I found him forward in movement, and beautiful at canter. All leads correct, and easy transitions.

You know you've got the air brakes good when you say, "Oops, holding my breath", let out, and the horse slows down. Heh heh Rode for about 35minutes total, 15min longe. We're in a rhythm, and he's settled into a nice pattern habit. The heat is still oppressive in the evenings, but forecast is calling for a break in the next few days. We'll take it.

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