Monday, September 12, 2011

9-8 & 9-9

Longed Harley Thursday evening. Spunky little fart. Obviously delighted with the continuation of the lower humidity and northern breezes, he gave a good buck and hop heading into his first canter. He bucks and moves forward, simultaneously. It's funny. A few hop hops and he decided that was more work than it was worth. I gave the side reins another good effort, and swiftly realized that he can still find an ugly way out of them. He'll lift his head, and not bend at the poll. I made them as short as they'd go, and got a little give, but not much. I wanted to hop on him at the walk, but without true reins or my helmet, I thought better of it, and stuck with longing only. 35 minutes.

Friday early evening, we were at it again. Warmup was nice, as he seemed happy to longe out in the neck stretcher instead of the side reins. He let out a heavy sigh as soon as I connected them, as if, "Okay, Mom. I don't like that, but I don't like the other more." :) Cute kid.

Riding was nice. One missed lead left, right at the start of canter work. Not so bad. Back to trot after only 3 strides wrong, and he lifted himself up into the correct lead. Good canter work, though short. I would've done more, but he felt really lazy, and I didn't seem to have enough leg power to keep him moving. (Figured out Sunday morning what was wrong there, but I'll leave that out for now.)
Total, about 45minutes.

Hauled Mo against his will into the arena. He looked pretty longingly down the dirt road while I was saddling him. "Tomorrow, bud.. Tomorrow." Ride was nice. He LOVES himself a loose rein. He did get just a bit chargey/racey at his trot, and when I added contact, he got even worse. So, I tossed the reins back to him, and pushed him at it. When he tried to ease up, I pushed him into a canter, and rode that hard for a little while. Mo, realizing I still have his number, and I'm not taking his garbage, relaxed for the rest of the ride.

Who'da thunk the baby would be easier than the oldie goldie? :)

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