Friday, October 21, 2011

Catching Up

A very brief summary with the little bits I can remember

10-12 - hopped on bareback in the halter, end of the lead rope untied itself from the halter, did a little walking with leg cues only

10-13 - longed Harley, first day back after the show. Finished up bareback walk/trot

10-14 - dressage ride; nothing spectacular. good leads, decent trot work, trying to improve collection

10-15 off

10-16 - took Harley out first walk down the road. Met up with crazy dogs, goofy neighbor vehicle traffic. Made it 2/3 to the mailbox when Harley started looking hard for the mini donkey. Spent some time talking with the neighbors about the shooting, other neighborhood gossip. Came home to find CRNG spraying weeds on my side of his property, in a blue speedo underbritches, shoes, and a hat. Nothing else. Planning to either holler a confrontation his way next time I see it, or call the sheriff and turn him in. Near Nekkid Nonsense!

10-17 - Back to the arena (where nobody's nekkid!). Good work, nothing amazing I can remember, other than skipped the longe warmup, and he still rode quiet.

10-18 - Cold front blew in. I expected a zippity-doo-dah Harley, and while we got forward trot work, he was quiet as a mouse. He was startled twice - once when he realized how close the deer were to the pasture (I saw them before he did), and again when the strong 35+mph wind gusts crackled a tree limb. Harley squirted about 2ft off the rail, but stayed at trot, and remained relatively quiet about it.

10-19 off

10-20 - Back to work, longing first neck stretcher. Ride work was lazy. Despite the cooler weather, I needed a serious portion of leg to keep him going. Might be time to pull out the dressage whip to carry or tiny spurs to motivate him.

I'm also preparing the next schooling show registration. This means a weekend of prep work, getting his clothes ready, my clothes ready, and general supplies all packed up.

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