Thursday, March 15, 2012

03/15/12 Survey Says

I knew sure as I'd blog about it, the vet would call.. Murphy is a bear, you know?

Spoke with Jamie, tech for Dr. Sam's office. Explained the details as I blogged them out just now. She asked if I'd tried medicine. I gave Harley 1g of bute Monday evening, but he's not a big fan, and when I saw some progress, I decided to not give more... not a big fan of horse drugs if I don't have to.. ya know?

Dr Sam says "Add drugs". 1g bute twice a day for the weekend. If he's not better Monday, time for a visit. I'll be picking up some bute powder on the way home, since he doesn't like the paste at all, this'll be another try. Jamie said she's fed it over grain, and in a syringe with applesauce..

time to find syringes.. and organic applesauce...

Spoiled I tell ya.. he's spoiled!

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