Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3-28-12 Harley

Harley was improving, and still is.. I longed him Monday night, and walked bareback a few minutes. Tuesday, however, he was stiff, pulling on the line, hanging on the line, bucking, kicking, farting, being horrible. I checked his hooves at the end of the work - 15 minutes. Ouch. Hot, sensitive to pressure... :(

So, I took some pictures tonight after a long discussion with MrsMom. And MrsM, here's the pictures we promised you. :-)
Rear hooves, from the front. :)
Rear Left, from the top
Rear left
Rear Right, from the top
Right rear

The sore spots are at the top center of those heel bulbs - where they're meeting at the frogs. There's little cracks, and I was able to doctor them a bit .. stuffed a little cotton smeared in TriTec antibiotic ointment. He stood real good right up until the last, then when I had to spread some heel away to get the cotton in, he let me know about the pain, trying to gently yank his hoof from my hands. I got cotton in one "gap" on each hoof - see here..
Left rear - cotton on the "gap" on the inside "side" of the heel bulb.

Right rear - inside again

As I look at the pictures, I see the more severe "cracks/gaps" are on the insides of the heels, rather than the outsides.. Hmm..

MrsMom has been awesome so far, and I want to publicly thank her for the help. We're going to get Harley happy on his hooves again soon!


Mrs Mom said...

Aww Jen, girl, you are too sweet. It is absolutely no trouble at all to help out! Just wish we were closer, so we could let you handle a rasp ;)

Overall, he looks pretty good. He is a hair out of balance in the heels (at least it looks that way in the pix) so that might be just enough stress on the heels to allow for the cracks to open. Balance him out, and keep on with treating him and he ought to be right as rain in no time!

Be sure to give BOTH those handsome ponies a big rub from us!!

Hemiluver said...

another thing you can do it to buy some stuff called "Horseshoers Secret". It is just a glue like substance that comes in a plastic bottle with a brush. A couple times a week i will clean the horse's hooves off really well and brush that stuff all over his hooves. bottoms, tops, coronet band, heels,frog. Helps to moisturize the hoof so it doesn't crack like that... very cool stuff and so easy to do!

SunnySD said...

Sounds like Mrs. Mom has you covered :) Hope he continues to improve!