Thursday, March 22, 2012


Harley and I went to see Dr. Sam this morning. Most of the swelling had gone down in his legs, but the heat was still present in his hind ankles and tendon area..

Dr. Sam squeezed on the tendons and muscles and rotated all the relevant joints... No reaction.. No obvious sign something was wrong there.

He squeezed on hooves, and when he pushed on the heels and the spaces around the heels..


Heels are sore, and pretty soft. The result of standing in too much wet with all the rain we've had. He's going to be fine, with some hoof spray and time to dry, standing in a dry stall and/or paddock. Harley is unhappy being in lock-up, but the pasture is still pretty wet, and I know for sure he likes to walk in the pond, which is abundantly full.


SunnySD said...

That's good news! And a relatively simple fix. Hope he gets more comfortable quick with a dry place to stand.

Hemiluver said...

hate when that happens!! what state are you guys in?? northern cali is still soaked.