Wednesday, August 1, 2012

7/28 Rides & Update

Harley and I had a nice easy, light dressage day last Saturday.  Total work about 35 minutes.  I skipped the longe warmup, and was a little tense myself during his initial few minutes of trot work.  He was pretty determined to take off on a cantering tangent, but a few strong half-halts, and he came right back under me.  A decently cooperative ride, but nothing dramatic or new in the terribly hot weather.

Romeo and I headed back to the arena for some light work as well.  He didn't have his brother's energy level, so we were able to focus on walk/trot with a little canter.  Mo did let me know when he wanted to canter, increasing his trot length and tensing up his back a bit.  I let him tear off, knowing that once he got a little work in the heat, he'd ease up quick.  :) And he did, bringing me straight to loud laughter.  Another 35 minutes of relaxing easy work.

Me?  yUCK!  I'll just be honest there.  That one headache episode, according to the brand new neurologist, was treated inappropriately by the ER I visited.  The Nuero doc called them with a totally different course of medicine, and I spent yesterday 75% of my awake hours in the emergency room again, medicines slowly delivered for the "status migraine" I had acquired.  As of this morning, it seems to have slurked back into some corner of my brain to visit another time.  I'm a bit groggy (ribbit) from the large doses of medicine I endured yesterday, but I'm awake, the lights aren't making my brain scream, and I can focus... :) 

Hoping to be out of this headache fog, because I'm 120% ready to get back in the saddle more often.

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