Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Woke up feeling good.  Hmm.. Let's try this a little differently, and maybe I won't be owwwchie when I'm done, hmmm..

Harley, dressage, more of the same.  No longe warmup, just crawled on.  I added more contact, and asked for more from him.  He complied, mostly.  We rode a TON of transitions, not cantering for more than about 8 strides at a time before easing back to trot.  His canter-to-trot is lovely.  All of his up transitions?  Need more reminding.  Walk to trot got MUCH better as I kept at it.  Trot to canter was mediocre.  Can't ask for much more at Training Level.  I've seen some blogged videos, and the test scores.  I'm sure not riding in the same region, but I think we'll be alright.

Rather than anger my neck lifting the endurace saddle, Mo wore a bareback pad.  Still rode all three gaits, but less canter than Saturday.  Lots and LOTS of trot, me focusing on my position.  Heels down, toes up, posting trot.  Arms out airplane, Arms up over my head.  I wouldn't recommend this to anyone that's not in a safe enclosed area, that doesn't 120% trust their horse to stay calm in a nervous moment.  Please do not try this at home, fall on your head, and say I told you to try it!    It's a great drill, no saddle no hands, for building balance, and add a posting trot for leg strength training.  I felt it good after.. but at least it was in my legs and core, and not my neck.

Sunday came and went, without the need for pain medicine.  Monday, more of the same.  Yesterday, I got too much darn time at my computer in the afternoon.. Paid for it dearly.  I had two pain pills yesterday evening, one before and one after supper.  Huge disappointment.  I've called into the doctor, been more persistent than previously, and there's progress being made.  A completely different unrelated appointment this afternoon, and hopefully some neck-pain progress in the next few days...

and perhaps some Mo-therapy tonight.. if I can get the saddle on his back from the front porch...

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