Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Ever have one of those days?  You know, wake up, and say, "Screw it.  I shouldn't, and it might not help my body, but #@$*^ it, it's going to help my mind.  I'm riding today."  Yup, welcome to my Saturday morning.  I had coffee, protein bar, and Advil for breakfast.  yeah yeah, I know.. Advil's terrible for acid reflux.  tears my stomach up.  yeah, well, so does the coffee, so screw it.  I am already sore, my neck hurts, but heck with it.  I'm riding.   That was me ..

I grabbed Harley first.  Dressage saddle, helmet, longe line, bridle, gloves.  see?  Helmet!     As I sent him out on the line, he meandered to the worn-to-the-dirt circle, and hopped to a trot.  Happy kid to be back to work.  A ten-minute longe, and I climbed aboard from the mounting steps, dang it.  not dumb enough to strain my neck pulling up from the ground.  Harley walked off, and seemed pretty darn happy with himself. 

We rode the gaits, light contact, then went over some turns, backups, straight lines, diagonals, figure8s, anything but "ride the rail".  His trot to canter was crazy-lazy... I had to dig my legs into him, and kiss loud.  Lazy snot.   Total ride, plus warmup, 40 minutes. 

Then I caught Mo.  I grabbed the endurance saddle, and launched it to his back. ouch, dangit.  That monster's heavy.. owwwww... neck hurts... owwww... crap....  Shouldn-a-ought-a done that.  crap!  
Rode Mo all three gaits as well.  On the line warmup, Mo thought he was a big monster, running like a nit wit.  Didn't take him long, before huffing & puffing in the heat, I heard him.. "Mom, that was stupid.. can I just carry you now??"  Mo and I rode happy, 30 minutes, so another 40 minutes total.

I went inside, showered, grabbed a snack.. Started cleaning house.  Pushed the vacuum around the house.. ow.. heavy... owwwwwwwch.. crap!  Took some pain medicine prescription, and took a nap.  Woke up still hurting, but not as bad.

I rode anyways. :)

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