Thursday, February 20, 2014

2/18/14 ride and plans

2/18 Rode Harley jump saddle.  He was a wound up kid on the longeline, and when I hopped on to ride, he still felt a bit jitter.  I won't say bad, or naughty, but "up", and distracted. 

I took him to the first two jumps too early in the ride.  Obvious by his very enthusiastic run over and through them, followed by a little bit of a tear-gallop off from them.  He bucked a bit, and I managed to get him back under control.  But he was a dork.  I then went back to flat work a while, followed by a little more jumping, but when he started to jet before the first X, I gave him a nice half-halt, and he eased back.  The ride started horrid, but ended well. 

Going to try and stuff a dressage ride in tonight - but it's currently raining outside.  I'm hoping it quits soon, and creates a nice ride evening for us .

Scheduled a lesson for Saturday mid-day.  I'm about due one anyways, and while this is a little ahead of the normal schedule ... I've got the papers filled out to register for a schooling show March 8.

Training 2
Prix Caprilli 2.

PC2 looks to be a blast.  Lots of jumps , 2' max, lots of them down the diagonals, one on a circle from canter, another down diagonal from canter, and lots of trot jumps.  5 total attemps.  Should be interesting.  The lesson is to do a little prepare work for that test, and brush up on our dressage-skillz before we compete.

I won't have much progress to show, as the weather hasn't been too cooperative, but we've done a little jumping and a decent bit of dressage work. 

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