Monday, February 17, 2014

Now Where Were we?

OH right.  That's where I left off.  The dogs all had a virus, it was wet and cold outside... Yeah.. That's it.

So since then:

I've found the "legs in front" position - it took two painful rides to stuff myself into that spot, but I found it.  Now, it seems incredibly secure, and makes a lot more sense to me.  I confirmed it in the dressage and jump saddles both.

Harley's had a couple of really good jump days.  Nothing spectacular, two X's, strides apart.  I had things measured out wrong, but he took through it like a champ.   All clean, good kid.  Tonight, I'm going to try again... Maybe pop that second up to a tiny vertical if things go my way.

Harley also has had some outstanding dressage days.  He isn't as fussy in either direction, and it seems that, if I prepare quietly, he transitions quietly.  If I sneak up on him in a gait change, his tail swishes angrily, and he launches into the changes. Some very nice leg yields at trot to the rail, and shoulder-ins down the long side. 

We've also explored riding outside the arena some more.  He got a good work Saturday, all at the walk, mostly all outside the arena through the trees.  I also got some sidepass over a pole for the first time, and it was pretty smooth.

Romeo had a few rides over the weekend.  Friday he longed out like a happy school kid, bucking and kicking.  I got his attention under saddle again with lots of bending wiggly lines at trot.  Sunday, I got brave.  I figure if Harley can jump, Mo can learn.  I pointed him at the big X, and as he stepped over it all but three times, I laughed.  I need to make it bigger, I suppose.  Force him to jump.  Stinker has learned how to step over only, and just won't put out the effort. 

The dogs are all feeling better.  Mostly.  Things there have calmed down, and I had a "bad weather foster" who's now a member of the family.  Fail!  He's a cute kid, and I'll introduce him soon enough.

Happy Riding everyone!  I am taking advantage of the warmer weather here in consideration of those of you freezing and buried in snow.

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