Friday, February 7, 2014

2.7.2014 update

I had some really nice rides last weekend on Harley.  I think I've found those "forward legs, heels down", and figured it out in both saddles.  My legs aren't really in front of me, but they feel it.  Things that will improve with time, I'm sure.

Then, life happened.  Holy crap did it ever (pun intended, you'll see why).

Charlie got a stomach bug - pooped a liquid river inside and outside of his crate.
A week or so later, Ivan, a dog I'm fostering, had the same problems - he made a mess of his freshly groomed self, his crate, the blankets in it, and the carpet.
This week, MacKenzie caught the germ.  Hers came complete with vomit.  Knowing she's already sensitive to life, I took her to the vet.  Medicine for her, and preventative on stock for Allie when her time comes.  Rotovirus, the vet says.  "Everybody in the house is going to get it."

And I forgot to mention, the cats have shared it as well.  For a day or two a piece, I've cleaned obnoxious mess from the litter boxes. 

As if sick dogs and cats weren't enough to add excitement to daily life.. Work happened.

Monday we prepared for an audit.  And I agreed to set up an extra instrument for production folks.
Tuesday, AND Wednesday, we were audited.  Dug into with a fine toothed comb, examined from bottom to top to bottom, leaving no stone unturned.
Thursday, as I recovered and reported out from the audit, I had two more meetings, and a sales rep visit.
And today, I take vacation.  I have some work to do from the house - computer things and some planning to do.  But at least it's 7:45am, and I'm in my pj's as opposed to dressed and sitting at my office desk.  I slept in, and I hope to for the next two more days. 

I hope to ride.  I'm not too determined, however.  It's cold out.  you bet yup I'm a wimp  It's cold.  There's frozen drizzle/sleet/ice/snow in the general area, and while I doubt it'll get to my house, it's close enough. 

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