Monday, August 29, 2011

08/25/11 Harley PM

Found the arena with puddles in the longing circle. Wandered with Harley and all his tack to the center of the arena. Ground was damp, and soft to about a half inch. Good for me.

Sent him out on the line, free longe warmup. Lookin' good. Added the neck stretcher, mostly walk and trot, minimal canter. A little too much slip risk at canter for my overprotective self.

Rode at walk and trot, on nearly all of the arena (avoiding the mudded puddles) for about 20 minutes. Light contact, and while he was a bit stiff, pretty good overall.

About a 45 minute time in the arena. Skies were minimally cloudy, with significantly lower temperatures, thanks to the near-inch of rain we got Thursday during the day.

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